Good business opportunities by investing in Slovenia

Good business opportunities by investing in Slovenia

The creation of a stimulating and hospitable environment for creating business opportunities has been a priority of the EU Member States. Slovenia is no exception here as it offers a healthy environment for investments and a wide range of benefits for investors.

Business opportunities by investing in Slovenia

If you are looking for a business opportunities you might find it in our beautiful country. Slovenia is a transit country and is very attractive for a start-up of your new business. The location itself offers a great possibility to connect with other countries as well. Based on its ideal geographical position, investors can easily develop their own commercial network from Slovenia. The economic climate is steadily improving with the state rowing towards a society based on the values of good entrepreneurship. Along the way Slovenia recognizes the importance on foreign investments with facilitating investments as well as offering a stable environment for business establishment in Slovenia.

As a member of the European Union the country offers numerous benefits such as more affordable loans, easier travel and a reduced amount of bureaucracy, while reduced exchange rate uncertainty for Slovenian businesses, lower transactions costs and less interest rate volatility are the advantages for the real sector.

Result of our cooperation with the Ministry of economic development and technology and the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments is that we together can offer foreigners all support with relocating business in Slovenia with finding suitable investments and grants for foreign entrepreneurs.

For relocating in Slovenia we can help you to find business area for doing business in Slovenia or appropriate apartment/house for living in Slovenia.

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