Registering LTD company – how you can register it?

Registering LTD company

Registering LTD company is simple. You can go through the process of registration at our DATA point. With good preparation registering LTD company is easy and fast! Would you also like to open a company in Slovenia? Then call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) for more information! We will explain to you how to start your business in Slovenia!

Register your company in Slovenia

Registering LTD company – one shareholder

If you decide to be the only shareholder, this is called a single-member company. To open a company, you will need a minimum founding capital of €7.500. Of course you can invest more, if you want. You also have to visit the DATA point personally. Why? Because we need your signature. Our DATA point expert will prepare all documents for you. When registering LTD company, you also have to decide, if you will be the director. In case someone else will represent the company, they have to come to the registration as well. They have to bring their identification document. When can your single-member company can start operating? After the court gives you a registration and tax number. Additionally, you have to be part of AJPES’s business register.

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Multi-member company

Is registering LTD company with multiple shareholders also possible at DATA point? Yes! As well as single-member company, you can register a multi-member company. The process of registration is free for both. However, it requires some coordination. What do the shareholders have to agree on? Let’s see:

  • amount of capital input each one will contribute;
  • who the shareholders are;
  • company activities;
  • main company activity;
  • name od the company.

They also have to coordinate the time of visition the DATA point. They all have to come at the same time, when registering LTD company. Why? Because all have to sign all documents. The documents are then sent to the register court. The shareholders recieve the court’s decision in  about a week. After that they are part of the business register. They only need to convert the temporary bank account into a business one. After that, they can start operating.

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Founding capital for registering LTD company has to be in euros

Sometimes shareholders ask us: Can we use real estate, machines or a vehicle as founding capital? The answer is no. Registering LTD company at a DATA point is only possible, if your founding capital is in euros. In case the shareholders want to use tangible assets, they have to do it at a notary. However, this brings extra costs.

Are you thinking about opening a business in Slovenia? Do you want to move to Slovenia? You don’t know where to start? Our experts can help you in all fields. Business, tax, and legal. Registering LTD company will be easy at our DATA point. All you have to do is book an appointment. Do it by calling our Viber/WhatsApp number: +386 40 530 718. You can also write us an e-mail or fill out this form. To stay in touch, you can visit our Facebook page.

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