What business activities did entrepreneurs register in 2019?

What business activities did entrepreneurs register in 2019?

2019 was quite a busy year for entrepreneurs. Only at our VEM point, entrepreneurs registered 182 LTD companies and 642 sole proprietorships. As an end-of-the year collection, we have prepared a statistic on what were the most frequently chosen business activities by entrepreneurs when starting their business in Slovenia in 2019.

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What business activities did entrepreneurs register in 2019?

Our office is also a licensed VEM point and we have a governmental license to perform company registration. Each year we prepare a statistic of the most frequently chosen business activities that entrepreneurs choose when registering their company. The most commonly chosen field of activities are the ones related to business services. This includes consulting as well as marketing.

Artistic activities are also a popular choice – mostly they include the making of art and art products. Entrepreneurs also like to choose technical services and other service-related activities, like administration or media services. Especially with foreign entrepreneurs, renting real-estate is also a very common choice. Within the top 10, there are also education-related activities, online store, transportation and construction business activities.

Start your business in Slovenia in 2020!

With the year 2019 ending, entrepreneurs can consider starting your business in Slovenia in 2020. But you can already start your preparations in 2019 in order to be able to do your business conduct when the New Year begins.

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