Consulting as a business activity of a company in Slovenia

Consulting as a business activity of a company in Slovenia

Do you have specific knowledge or skills and would like to take advantage of them for doing business? If yes, you can offer consulting services based on your knowledge and experience and do it as a business activity in Slovenia.

Consulting as a business activity of a company in Slovenia

Consulting can cover a very big scope of activities. It basically means that you have knowledge of a specific field or have a specific skill and can consult others on it. If you have decided to do this kind of business in Europe, you will have to start by opening a company in Slovenia. Then you have to decide which of the specific consultation you plan on offering to your clients.

Marketing consulting as a business activity in Slovenia

Any quality presentation on the market requires a marketing approach. This includes several obstacles and details to which you have to devote your time and resources. Successful and professional marketers offer their knowledge and expertise in form of consulting. Those who do such business in Slovenia, have to register the appropriate business activity. This one is described in the Standard qualifier (SKD) as »Business activity of marketing agencies«. It is found under the SKD code 73.110.

Business consulting as a business activity in Slovenia

If you plan on offering consulting, operative assistance and guidance with business affairs and public services to other companies, you will also have to register the appropriate business activity. This activity is called »Other business and entrepreneurial consulting« under the SKD number 70.220.

This business activity also suffices when designing several organization systems, accountancy systems, procedures of financial planning and control etc. You can perform consulting and assistance with planning, organization of production and work as well as mediating information for entrepreneurship and public services. You can also do consulting on the field of market policy and HR policy.

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Personal consultation and psychological consulting as a business activity in Slovenia

As long as you are not performing psychotherapy business activity, you can register the business activity »Other health-related activities« under the SKD code 86.909 to perform psychological consultation. In order to provide such consultation, you need appropriate education and a permit that you can apply for at the Ministry of Health in Slovenia. This field is regulated by the Law on medical service.

If you will personal consulting, which includes personal growth or consulting on a healthy way of life, you can perform this business activity under the SKD code 85.590 – »Other unclassified education and training«. You can perform the consultation for groups or as individual consultation.

Technical consulting as a business as a business activity in Slovenia

Technical consultation depends on which field you will provide the consulting in. It can be on the field of computer scienc, for example. In that case, you have to register the business activity of »Consultation on the field of computer science« under the SKD code 62.020.

You can register »Other unclassified professional and technical consultation«. This activity covers consultation on ecology, security, agronomy or other technical and scientific consultation.

If you plan on consulting on engineering, mechanics, hydraulics, acoustics, electronics, chemistry, etc., you have to register the business activity of »Other unclassified engineering activities and technical consultation« under the SKD code 71.129.

This can include also designing building or doing technical installations. But in this case, you require to pass professional examination and registering in the registry of authorized engineers.

Spiritual, holistic and other consulting as a business activity in Slovenia

The consultation that astrologists, spiritualist, fortune-tellers or bioenergetics provide, require you registering the business activity »Other service business activities that are not classified elsewhere« under the SKD code 96.090.

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