Doing business in Europe with Slovenian company

Doing business in EU with Slovenian company

Doing business in Europe – why to choose Slovenia?

Doing business in Europe with Slovenian company gives foreigners perfect opportunity to start or expand business and obtain residency in Europe. Slovenia is a strategic location for business opportunities in Europe. Its traditional trade with Europe expand with trading links with other continents.

How to start doing business in Europe?

Most common way for doing business in Europe is with Private Limited Company. Second option for expanding business is with establishing branch office. For Private Limited Company you need initial capital in amount 7.500 euros. You can spend capital for operating with your business after company registration (up to 7 days).

Before company registration you have to obtain slovenian tax number as foreigner. During registration procedure you must enclose verified statement of owner of business address. In Data we can offer you business address and accounting services.

For doing business in Europe you can turn to our company Data, as we provide full support to foreign entrepreneurs. You can register your company at our offices and start doing business in Europe with our help. We can provide you legal, tax and migration consulting. Our consultants can help you in the procedure of obtaining work and residence permit for you and your family.

VAT number for doing business in Europe

Obtaining VAT number for your company in Slovenia is usually the first step after company registration. In Slovenia, a company that has exceeded (or is likely to exceed) 50.000 euros taxable turnover in the 12 months, has to enter into the value-added tax system. You can also enter in VAT system voluntarily. In that case you have to prove that you will be active with your export company in Slovenia. You can prove it with renting warehouse, employing people, pro forma invoices etc. Tax consultants and accountants in Data will advise you and submit application in Tax office.

Doing business in Europe with work and residence permit

With investment in your business you can immediately start with work and residence permit procedure. Minimum amount for investment is 50.000 euros. Second option is based on active business – you are obliged to have one employed person for full time for 6 months. Proof of active business is also 10.000 euros of income on your business bank account every month in last 6 months before submitting application.

If you are interested in doing business in Europe, contact us. Write us an e-mail or call us on phone number, +386 1 6006 270, Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718.

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