Hostel in Slovenia, Europe – business idea

Hostel business in Slovenia, Europe

Hostel in Slovenia, Europe – business idea

Are you dreaming about opening your own hostel? If you are still at the early stage of planning and getting ideas, keep reading this article.

Slovenia is a small country in the Middle Europe, perfect place to open a hostel. They say that Slovenia is a hidden gem. It is tiny, but it has everything that you could wish for. There is a good reason why there is the word LOVE in its name – when you will visit it, you will fell in love.

Read about business opportunities in Slovenia, why to choose our country.

Hostel in Slovenia – choose the location

The main fact that you have to consider before opening a hostel is the location. In Slovenia you have many different landscapes to choose from. You can open a hostel in the capital, Ljubljana or other bigger town. Slovenia has a lot of beautiful nature. Imagine having your own hostel by the lake surrounded by forests. It can be located in the mountain area, or by the Adriatic sea. There are many options.

Secondly, you will have to consider the distance to the public transport. If the hostel in not in the city centre, it is good to be distanced, but in any case, the public transport has to be close enought that your clients can easily reach it.

Attractions – city or nature

Every hostel owner has to provide certain amount of attractions for his guests. If you want to have a hostel in the city, you can also provide guided tours and excursions to other locations in Slovenia.

If your hostel will be located in the nature, there is a lot of possibilities for you to make the holidays interesting for your guests. You can rent a bike, car, hiking equiptment, boats,…

How to start a business in Slovenia?

If you want to start a business in Slovenia and open your own hostel, we can help you. Our company provides business support to foreign entrepreneurs for many years.

Before the registration of your company you, Will need to obtain the slovenian tax number and the certificate of non-criminal record from Slovenia. Based on the power of attorney, we can provide these documents for you.

You Will not need to come to Slovenia before the registration. We can give you all the information in advance. If you Will have legal questions, our legal advisors can help you. Referents Will assist you in choosing the right activities for your business and tell your more about the conditions.

You can register your company at our offices in just one day. If you Will open an LTD company, you Will need to open a temporary business bank account and deposit the starting capital – 7.500 eur. We can help you choose the right bank and arrange you a meeting.

Here at Data ltd. we also have an accounting service. We want to provide everything in one place for our costumers.

Residence and work permit in Slovenia

After registering your business in Slovenia, you have the right to obtain a single work and residence permit.

Our experts Will help you with the procedure of obtaining the permit for you and your family members. They Will prepare the documentation for you and lead the procedure. We have good relationship with the Slovenian institutions and we know the Slovenian law.

Get more information!

Do you have more questions about how to start your business in Slovenia? We Will be happy to help you. You can contact us via email:, phone: 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, What`s up). You can also find us on Facebook.

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