Graphic design as a business activity in Slovenia

Graphic design as a business activity in Slovenia, Europe

Are you interested in graphic design as a business activity in Slovenia? Would you like to provide your services in European countries without unnecessary obstacles? Are you already looking for a business idea in Slovenia?

Because of the key role of graphic designer in advertising, marketing, information flows and warnings, you have the opportunity to realize your creative potential. You can easily work both inside the country and abroad.

If you are a freelancer (as the majority of graphic designers) and decided to combine it with the process of business immigration to Slovenia, then, for example, one hour of work freelancer price reaches 20 EUR. Many graphic designers tend to register their activities in Europe, because it is more favorable.

Graphic designers are trained for creativity in the design of all graphic products and communication. Designers of this type have the knowledge and skills necessary to work on the computer, which is very important nowadays.

Why choose graphic design as a business activity in Slovenia?

The great advantage of starting a business in Slovenia in comparison to opening a company in other EU countries is the low income tax, which in Slovenia is 19%. As well as lower taxes on wages compared to Western EU countries and favorable conditions for obtaining a single work and residence permit in Slovenia.

With the company located in Slovenia, you can easily manage graphic design activity. You Will also be free to do business in all EU Member States. Graphic design as a business activity in Slovenia in the standard classification is located under the code 74.100 (design and layout). To perform this kind of activity the registration of any licenses or permits is not required. Our referent can advice you on other activities that you have to register for graphic design business.

You can carry out the process of registering your company and start business immigration to Slovenia faster and easier with the help of the company DATA, because we have consultants with experience on migration law, labor law, accountants, tax professionals. Our company provides the support at every stage of the business immigration in Slovenia. We already have 26 years of experience (since 1990).

If you would like to start graphic design activity or any other activity in Slovenia, contact us! Our experts can help you from the first step.

More questions about graphic design? Contact us!

If you have more questions about graphic design or any other business in Slovenia, contact us!

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