Import of goods to Slovenia and the territory of EU

Import of goods to Slovenia and the territory of EU

Many entrepreneurs who decide to start their business in Europe, engage in various kinds of trading. Trading usually also entails import of goods from a certain country to the EU. Even in times of epidemic, import of goods is still possible and even necessary as many countries depend on products that their country does not directly produce. Today we will explain how you can start a company in Slovenia and engage in import of goods to the EU through that company.

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Import of goods to Slovenia – procedure and documentation

Import of goods means that goods from a non-EU country enter the territory of the European Union. An entity that wants to import goods to the territory of the EU has to ensure submitting a common entry declaration before the goods enter the territory. At the moment of import of goods to EU, the goods are under the customs supervision and can be subjected to controls of customs agents. Goods that has to pass veterinary, phytosanitary or other control, can only enter on those borders crossings that allow such a control. In Slovenia, the direct import of goods is possible through port Koper, Airport Jože Pučnik or through mail transit.

Customs clearance can take place at the border crossing. Also, the goods can be put into transit to a specific place in the EU, where the customs clearance will take place.

When importing goods, you need to engage in one of the following three customs procedures:

  • release into general circulation,
  • special procedures (transit, customs storage, free-zone procedure, temporary import, special use, active or passive processing),
  • export.

You have to submit the declaration in electronic form. In addition to the declaration, you have to submit documents that enable the carrying out of the requested customs procedure. Certain import of goods also requires you to submit the required proof of passing the customs control.

The amount of import duties which is calculated upon import of goods depends on the classification of the goods under a specific tariff mark. These tariff marks are included in the search engine TARIC. The duties also depend on the worth, amount and origin of the goods.

Once the goods are imported to a territory in the EU, free circulation of those goods is possible within the EU.

Import of goods to Slovenia – company registration

If you plan on sell these goods in Slovenia and EU yourself, either retail or wholesale, you can register a company in Slovenia and engage in the business activity directly. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company in Slovenia. When expanding your existing business, you can also register a branch office and engage in import of goods. At this point during the epidemic, remote company registration is also possible under certain conditions.

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