Did coronavirus outbreak affect conditions of import to Slovenia and EU?

Did coronavirus outbreak affect conditions of import to Slovenia and EU?

Outbreak of coronavirus affected business worldwide in many ways. This is mostly due to the governmental measures which the countries enforced in order to prevent further spread of the virus. In the eastern parts of the world the epidemic is calming down and production and work in companies has resumed. But as the European and other western countries are still in a state of reduced business conduct, many people started to wonder whether the import to EU from other countries has also become more difficult or non-existent. Even though that some business activities are on pause, some aspects of daily personal and professional life are still ongoing or even increased. Hence business in Europe is still possible and import to Slovenia is ongoing in order to ensure the necessities of the public.

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Importing goods to Slovenia and EU from abroad

Due to the EU legislation the movement of goods inside the European Union is not a subject to customs. When importing goods from non-EU countries they also abide by the same tariff for goods. The main element when importing goods to EU is passing customs clearance. Customs also check the adequacy in terms of quality of goods. They charge an import customs tariff depending on the type of goods.

Effects of coronavirus outbreak on import to EU

Europe has been experiencing the effects of coronavirus outbreak just for about a month since the outbreak started in Italy. Countries in Asia have been experiencing the governmental measures even before that. The result is the lack of possibility to export goods as production was mostly at a standstill. Since the epidemic is calming down in Asian countries they can once again resumed their business conduct in order to export their products worldwide, including EU.

The coronavirus has not stopped the possibility to import goods to Slovenia. There are precautionary measures in place when checking the goods. For example, customs officer wear protective equipment when checking the goods for customs clearance. The Tax office also requests that companies importing goods from abroad abide by the simplified customs procedures. This is to avoid contamination.

Importing medical equipment during coronavirus outbreak

Also, when importing protective gear and medical equipment the customs officers have simplified the procedures of importing these goods due to shortage. In cases where the country is the importing party, the goods do not have to have the CE quality certificate in some cases. These goods would not be distributed to parties other than medical professionals. This exemption lasts only during the coronavirus health crisis. It is also possible to waive the payment of VAT if the governmental officials acquire these goods without payment. But they would have to distribute the goods to the people in need without asking for payment.

Otherwise, import to Slovenia is ongoing as there are many products which the country cannot produce itself and depends on outside suppliers. While delays with the shipment could occur, import to Slovenia is currently still possible and proceeds normally. Transport with trucks on land is also possible with some regulatory adaptations.

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