Obtain residence permit as EU citizen in Slovenia, EU – free webinar

Obtain residence permit as EU citizen in Slovenia, EU

At the company Data in Slovenia the consultants from various areas are performing online webinars. The topics are mostly related to business migration to Slovenia – opening the company in Slovenia, EU, most popular business activities, buying real-estate in Slovenia, how to obtain residence permit in Slovenia, etc.

All webinars that we organize for foreigners are free of charge, so do not hesitate to apply!

Webinar on how to obtain residence permit as EU citizen in Slovenia, EU

We also prepared online webinar where we explain the procedure on how to obtain residence permit as EU citiznen in Slovenia, EU. The procedure to obtain it is much more simple than for non-EU citizens, but is still requires from you the preparation of needed documentation in Slovenian language. The consultants at DATA can help you and guide you along the procedure. If you can not attend our webinar, you are always welcome to send us your questions to our email address: data@data.si.

Data d.o.o. offers supports foreigners with their business in SloveniaWe offer company registration and professional accounting services. We also have legal advisors, who help you with the aspects of business Slovenian legislation. They also explain the responsibilities of a procurator. Also, you can follow us on Facebook.

Webinar on how to obtain residence permit as EU citizen in Slovenia, EU is usually held once a week and it is performed via Zoom. You can apply and attend for free!

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British citizens have less than 2 months to apply for residence permit in Slovenia, EU!

If you are British citizen and you want to apply for residence permit in Slovenia, we suggest you to do that as soon as possible. The transtition period will be over soon, as because of Brexit in 2021 British citizens will not be considered EU citizens anymore.

You do not have to have a special ground based on which you apply for your permit in Slovenia. Your reason to obtain the permit can be the fact that you like Slovenia and you want to move here. The procedure itself and the duration of the procedure depends on Administrative unit. So we suggest you to contact our experts who can help you out and check for you where and how you can apply for your permit!

Can your family members obtain residence permit in Slovenia, EU as well?

At our webinar you will also find out more about how can you obtain residence permit for your family members in Slovenia, EU and which documents you have to submit. If you are an EU citizen, you can easily obtain residence permit for your family members. It does not matter if they are EU citizens or not. Your family members will also have free access to labour market in Slovenia. That means that is they find a job in Slovenia, they can easily get employed without having to wait a few months for the work permit to be issued.

As EU citizen you can immediatelly open an SP in Slovenia. You can register your company at DATA for free! Check out all the services that we provide to foreigners in Slovenia.

At DATA we also consult on how to obtain work and residence permit as non-EU citizen. You can contact us with your questions or attend our other webinars, where we discuss about getting the permit as non-EU citizen.

Free webinars on residency in Slovenia for EU citizens

EU citizens have different options for business and residency in Slovenia. In our free webinar on business and residency for EU citizens, we also explain the various paths that European citizens have in Slovenia. Below, you can also apply for new dates:

  • 24th February 2022 at 13:00 CET
  • 3rd March 2022 at 13:00 CET

It will also be conducted in English language and you can submit the application below:

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Do you have questions regarding the presentations? Contact us!

If you have more questions about company registration and business immigration to Slovenia, do not hesitate to contact DATA d.o.o.! Send us an email to data@data.si. You can also call us on +386 1 6006 270/+386 1 6006 274. As well as via Viber/Whatsapp +386 40 530 718/+386 64 173 023 or skype data.business7.

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