Learn more about Slovenia through these interesting facts

Learn more about Slovenia through these interesting facts

Many foreigners visit Slovenia and find the country itself amazing. In addition to tourist visits, Slovenia has become more and more interesting as a business destination for foreign entrepreneurs. But before making a final decision where to start your business in Europe you might want to learn the following interesting facts on Slovenia to make a more informed decision.

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Basic facts about Slovenia

Slovenia is a part of the European Union from 2004. This was only 13 years after it gained independence in 1991. In fact, it also joined the Schengen zone in 2007 when it also started using the EURO currency. In Slovenia, the official language is Slovenian but the majority of the population also speaks another foreign language, mostly English.

Facts on the population of Slovenia

According to research from the Statistical office of Slovenia (SURS) from July 2019, Slovenia has 2.089.310 inhabitants. Women make up 51,2% of the population. The facts on average age were at 43,4 years at the latest recording. Foreigners made up 7,1% of the population. As an interesting fact we also wanted to highlight that due to the good living standards in Slovenia, the life expectancy is almost 84 years for women and 78 years for men.

The process of company registration and business immigration is one of the most straight-forward procedures in Europe

In addition to good living standard in Slovenia, the country also offers a favorable economic climate for developing a business. In comparison to other EU countries, Slovenia has a very straight-forward process of LTD company registration. Additionally, to providing the share capital of 7500€, the actual process of company registration is free-of-charge at any VEM point in Slovenia. Also, after company registration, the company can employ non-EU staff and obtain work and residence permits for them and directors by fulfilling very straight-forward conditions.

More than 61% of the land area of Slovenia is covered in forests

When it comes to doing business in Slovenia, the country has many natural resources which can enable business activities for several products or services. The fact is that the most important one is forests which cover over 12480 square kilometers of the country. In addition to offering home to various species of animals and plants, the forests are also used in business as providing wood for export and construction. Additionally, pastime activities like hiking are popular in Slovenia and can also become a business activity of your company.

Slovenia is a very environmentally-friendly nation

Due to the high awareness of natural resources, Slovenians really like to keep their nature as intact as possible and are very ecologically aware. A great emphasis is on sustainability and Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana was also named Europe’s Green Capital of 2016. Developing businesses promoting sustainability is also a great business idea to consider.

Facts on the geography and tourism in Slovenia

Slovenia’s geography offers great possibility for developing tourism which you can also consider for your business. On a very small area, you can visit the mountains to ski and go to the beach as well. The country full of scenic caves as well as fields and vineyards. The environment offers possibility for opening hotels or other types of resorts. It is also a very popular destination for conferences and conventions, so you can also consider event planning for your business.

As you can see, there are a variety of business activities you can choose from if you plan on developing your business in Slovenia. For more information on company registration in Slovenia, EU, send us an e-mail to data@data.si. You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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