Temporary address registration in Slovenia: obligations for foreigners

Temporary address registration in Slovenia obligations for foreigners

The registration of temporary (or permanent) address is an alien’s obligation regulated by the Registration of Residence Act (UL RS, No. 52/16, hereinafter ZPPreb-1). A residence permit in Slovenia allows foreigners to enter and reside in the country. Depending on the type of issued permit, the foreigner is obliged to arrange a temporary address or a permanent address.

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How can DATA d.o.o. support with residence permit application?

A non-EU citizen can obtain a residence permit in Slovenia with a positively resolved application for a single residence and work permit.  Citizens of BiH and Serbia also need a work permit, which is considered a consent in the process of issuing a single permit at the administrative unit.

DATA can carry out all procedures related to obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia. You, on the other hand, can live in Slovenia based on this permit and also enter the country. After that, you have to register your temporary address.

Registration of temporary address – not mandatory for everyone

As stated in the Address Registration Act (Article 10 of ZPPreb-1), an individual who temporarily resides outside the registered permanent residence address for more than 90 days must register temporary address with the administrative unit within eight days of day of relocating. This is valid for citizens of Slovenia and foreigners.

Only individuals who do not reside in the Republic of Slovenia due to the nature of their work (posting abroad) do not need to register temporary residence; false registration at the address where the person does not reside is not allowed.

Do not forget to extend your temporary address registration before it expires!

Temporary address is a residence where an individual resides temporarily for work, school or other reasons. If the foreigner has a valid temporary residence permit, residence registration certificate or long-term visa (a document proving the legality of your temporary residence), he must register such a form of residence at the address where he temporarily resides within eight days.

The registration of temporary address is valid for a maximum of two years or for the period of residence permit if it is shorter than two years. An individual is obliged to extend  his / her temporary residence before its termination, if he / she intends to continue to temporarily reside at the address after the expiry.

If an individual who has been issued a residence and work permit in Slovenia on the basis of employment terminates his work permit prematurely, the basis for residence also terminates. Even in this case, you can contact our experts who will advise you.

Registration of temporary residence as well as permanent residence is now also possible by e-mail

With the entry into force of the Decree on Interim Measures for Reducing the Risk of Infection and Preventing the Spread of the Infectious Disease COVID-19 in Administrative Matters (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 183/2020) of 11 December 2020, there have been some changes regarding physical contact with customers and on administrative units doing temporary address registrations.

This means that it is possible to submit applications electronically even without a qualified electronic signature. This does not affect the foreigner’s obligation to register his residence. But it does affect the fact that he can only make the registration electronically.

In the company DATA d.o.o. our legal department regularly monitors all current changes. So you can contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help you with the procedures themselves.

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