Extension of work and residence permit for entrepreneurs in Slovenia

Extension of work and residence permit for entrepreneurs in Slovenia

Do you have a company in Slovenia and have obtained a work and residence permit through business immigration? Did you employ foreign staff who required obtaining a work and residence permit? The temporary work and residence permit is issued for a limited period of time and requires an extension in case you would like to continue with the work in the company.

Company DATA supports entrepreneurs who start their business in Slovenia and we have gained valuable experience in supporting entrepreneurs in business immigration as well as extension of the permits. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, many foreign entrepreneurs have laid their trust in our support as the standard procedures are also adapting to the new conditions.

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Business immigration to Slovenia – when and where can you submit the extension for your work and residence permit?

An entrepreneur who engages in business immigration would obtain the first work and residence permit for 1 year. Same goes for the foreign staff for whom they have employed in their Slovenian company. If they want to continue working for the company, extension of the permit is possible. The extensions are issued for 2 years. After 5 years of living in Slovenia, the foreigner can apply for permanent residence permit.

It is very important that you would apply for the extension in due time. The last day of submission cannot be later than 1 day before the previous permit expires. It is also possible to submit the extension earlier – in some cases even up to 90 days before the expiry. In case you miss the deadline, it is possible that you would not be able to extend the permit. Also, this means that you have to leave the country unless you have other grounds to remain in Slovenia. Missing the deadline also means that you would have to start the process to obtain the work and residence permit from the start. As the process would be the same as the first time, it would be lengthier than the extension.

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Timeline for the extension because of the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has also influenced the work of the Administrative units and Employment office of Slovenia. These are the institutions who handle the review of the application for work and residence permit and their extensions. The queues in those offices are longer now which also increases the timeline for the review. Especially because of that it is vital to submit the full application for the extension on time. Once you have submitted the application for extension, you will receive a statement from the authorities allowing you to legally live in Slovenia in the time when your application is reviewed.

Work and residence permit and business immigration- What can DATA arrange for you?

At DATA, we have our very own Department for support for foreigners. We make it as easy as possible for foreigners and their employers to obtain or renew a work and residence permit.

If you decide for our support services, DATA will:

  • prepare the necessary documentation,
  • we give precise instructions and advice in the process,
  • arrange any meetings at the competent Administrative Unit, and
  • conduct all communication with the institutions involved in the process.

With our help, a foreign entrepreneur and their employees receive the work and residence permit and its extensions faster and without additional worries. We also help to obtain and renew residence permits on other bases, such as study, self-employment, family reunification, residence permit for EU citizens, … If you do not have an existing company in Slovenia, we can also help you to register a LTD company, subsidiary, branch office and sole proprietorship.

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Business immigration and possibility of family reunification

Many foreign entrepreneurs and their employees would not like to relocate to Slovenia alone. Mostly, they would like to also bring their families. Usually a foreigner can apply for family reunification with spouse and dependent children after 1 year of living in Slovenia. They would also already have to receive their first extension of the permit before applying for family reunification. The exception are EU blue card holders, who can apply for family reunification immediately when the receive their permit. The same applies to employees in the field of research and higher education, transferred workers from a third country to Slovenia and long-term transferred workers from another EU country to Slovenia.

Contact DATA for full support in business immigration, extension of work and residence permit and for starting a new business in Slovenia!

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