Stage of business immigration to Slovenia – steps and conditions

Stage of business immigration to Slovenia – steps and conditions

Are you interested to open a company in Slovenia and are considering business immigration? Do you know which is the first stage of each step if you are looking to relocate to Slovenia with a business in Europe? Our informative article will summarize the stages of business immigration to Slovenia and emphasize what you have to do in each stage.

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1st stage of business immigration – company registration

Business immigration to Slovenia will start with registering a company in Slovenia. At this stage, you firstly need to decide what kind of company you will register. If you would like to start a completely new company, you can open a limited liability company in Slovenia. For that you need 7500€ share capital, Slovenian tax number and a business address in Slovenia. At DATA, we can offer you full support in both providing the business address as well as obtain the Slovenian tax number based on authorization.

If you are a seasoned entrepreneur, you can also open a daughter company or a branch office. In both cases, we can obtain the Slovenian part of the documentation and guide you through every stage of the registration. All three company types give you the same possibility to apply for work and residence permit in Slovenia.

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2nd stage of business immigration – fulfilling the conditions of active business conduct

Only opening a company in Slovenia does not give you immediate right to apply for work and residence permit or employ other non-EU staff. At this stage, your company can choose between three different conditions of active business conduct to fulfill the necessary requirements:

  • investing 50.000€ into fixed assets of the company,
  • or employing an EU citizen for 6 months and paying them salary,
  • or 10.000€ monthly revenue each month for 6 consecutive months.

Once one of these conditions is fulfilled, you can proceed to the next stage of applying for the work and residence permit.

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3rd stage of business immigration – submitting the application and review of the application

As soon as your company fulfilled one of the conditions of active business conduct, you as the representative can apply for work and residence permit. At this stage, you submit the application at the Slovenian embassy in your country of citizenship or residence. Then the Slovenian authorities, the Administrative unit and Employment office, review the application. When the review results in a positive outcome, they issue the work and residence permit which you collect at the embassy. At this stage, you can proceed with your relocation to Slovenia and become employed in your company.

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