Programming and software sales in Slovenia as the company’s business activity

Programming and software sales in Slovenia as the company's business activity

Have you been thinking about programming and software sales in Slovenia as the company’s business activity? Programming and sale of software in Slovenia as well as throughout Europe and around the world is, for many years, quite profitable and successful business. If you decide to start a similar business and register a company in Slovenia (for example, due to favorable taxation or loyal law), continue reading this article, where we will describe how it can be done.

Programming and software sales in Slovenia

Programming and software sales in Slovenia, as well as related activities are listed in many sections of the standard classification of activities 2008 (SKD 2008). At the same time, none of them requires any additional permits and licenses. At our “One-Stop Shop” (VEM) in the company “DATA” we will help you register a company and register the appropriate activities, as well as add or remove other activities if needed.

Activities in the field of computer programming are writing, modifying, updating and testing of software, including the specification of users, as well as planning and development of computer programs, web site development.

Consulting services in the field of computers and software are design of computer systems, software and communication technologies, and education of users of these systems.

Computer science and management: management and operation of computer systems and data processing devices and related services

There are also other activities in computer information technology, data processing, hosting and related activities, web portals and computer games.

According to statistics, 40% of companies have a profile on social networks, online sales represent 17%.

You have various options/forms to register your company: private limited company (LTD), a subsidiary, branch office (representative office).

Our company will offer support to you from the first steps of registration of the company to providing a legal address and accounting services, as well as support in business conduct.

You will be able to work anywhere in the world, and we take care of all the documentation and legal issues of your company. By opening a company in Slovenia, you will be able to conduct your business in a stable developing country and sell your services to the whole of Europe. Programming and software sales in Slovenia, provided with the registration of your business, make it possible to obtain a single work and residence permit.

In the company “DATA” you will receive quality advice, not only in the process of company registration and obtaining necessary documents, but also in the selection of appropriate activities for your company. You will also get the compete explanation of the difference between the regulated and non-regulated activities. With us, you can easily work and focus on your business, and we will take care of all the bureaucratic procedures and documentation and create all the conditions for a relaxing managing of your business.

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