Real estate in Slovenia: what to focus on when making the purchase?

Real estate in Slovenia: what to focus on when making the purchase?

Have you decided to buy real estate in Slovenia after company registration? Are you interested what you need to focus on when buying real estate in Slovenia? What parts of Ljubljana are considered elite and which not so favorable?

Firstly, it is important to know that you have to register a legal entity in Slovenia if you want to buy real estate in Slovenia but are not an EU citizen.

Secondly, when choosing real estate, two factors are playing an important role: the legal side and the actual condition of the real estate. From the legal point of view, it is important to check the entries in the land registry or construction permits etc. The condition of the real estate itself has to be inspected visually – it means that you have to visit the chosen building and inspect it from all sides.

Thirdly, it is mandatory to prepare a purchase and sale agreement and certify it at the notary.

What parts of Ljubljana and the suburbs of Ljubljana are considered elite?

If you would like to purchase real estate in a »favorable part« of Ljubljana, one of them is considered to be »Rožna Dolina«, »Trnovo«, »Šmartno« – the part under the Šmarna gora Mountain. If you would choose property in the suburbs of Ljubljana, we would advise »Trzin« – but bear in mind that there are two areas in Trzin – »Trzin – industrial zone« and »Trzin – town«.

Lastly, two areas worth considering in Ljubljana is the area »Polje« and »Zalog«.

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