Architecture, engineering and geodetics as a business activity of a company in Slovenia

Architecture, engineering and geodetics as a business activity of a company in Slovenia

It is a very popular trend to use architecture, engineering and geodetics as a business activity in Slovenia. Opening a company with these business activities in Slovenia opens a door to the entire European market.

Architectural and engineering design include the preparation of architectural plans and related services for construction. In the qualifier of business activities in Slovenia there is a segment on architectural design, landscape architecture, urban design and other geophysical measurements, mapping and engineering activities and related technical consultancy, technical control and analysis.

Architectural design

Architectural design as a business activity can be carried out by an independent cultural employee, a private limited company (LTD) or a sole proprietor. Architectural design is a regulated activity – in order to fulfill the required conditions to carry out the business activity the company has to employ a qualified designer. With a qualified designer, it is meant that the employee has passed an exam for the qualification of a designer in Slovenia, has the appropriate education and/or work experience from this field.

Landscape architectural design

If you want to perform landscape and architectural design it wil also be necessary for you to pass an exam, but another condition is also appropriate education and/or work experience.


Geodesy includes geophysical, geological, geochemical, seismic measurements and monitoring, mapping, topographic and hydrographic measurements. In this case, you will need a liability insurance, as well as a qualified specialist responsible for carrying out the work.


They have to be registered in the official registry of engineers in Slovenia. Respectively, they need to pass the exam to confirm their qualifications but also have appropriate education, which means that they have to nostrificate their diploma in Slovenia.

Architecture, engineering and geodesy as company business activities require liability insurance in case of damage in the process of conducting business even after the work is completed.

If you are interested in architecture, engineering and geodesy as a business activity of a company in Slovenia and you want to open a company with these activities, we will be happy to help you.

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