Legal entity in Slovenia, Europe – company registration

Legal entity in Slovenia, Europe for company registration

If you are an EU citizen or citizen of other country you can register a legal entity in Slovenia. The only difference is that citizens living outside the EU usually register in Slovenia LTD or subsidiary. Subsidiary is also a form of LTD.

Opening a branch in Slovenia is not considered as independent legal entity.

Company “Data” Will glady help you to register a legal entity in Slovenia. We offer you all services in one place, from registration to business management. Doing business with us has more advantages: we offer you also legal and accounting services and company consulting.

Legal entity – documentation

Firstly, for registration of legal entity you need slovenian tax number and certificate of absence of a criminal record.

Secondly, you need to reserve company’s name and choose legal address in Slovenia.

Legal entity – registration procedure

Legal entity can be registrered at office in company “Data”, because company has a state license for registration of legal entities in Slovenia. This procedure will take only one hour. After registration you need to open a bank account and deposit initial capital in the min. amount of 7.500 eur. Usually it takes 3-5 working days until your company is officialy registered (if your documents are in order).

Expenses of doing business (business management)

After registration the main expenses are legal and accounting services. Secondly you have to pay for virtual office (that is legal address if you don’t have any). Thirdly, are expenses regarding maintaining your bank account. These cost are small, on average about 30 eur per month, depending on the bank.

Legal entity and business immigration – employment

Business immigration to Slovenia includes the process of obtaining a work and residence permit in Slovenia. Minimum wage for employers in Slovenia is about 1.100 eur. That means that employee’s net salary (salary after deductions and taxes) is about 700 eur.

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