Close family members and temporary residence permit in Slovenia

Close family members and temporary residence permit in Slovenia

Residence permit for close family members is a topic which entrepreneurs in Slovenia often ask about. At the time of the pandemic, the process to apply has become more complex. You can find the options in our article.

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When can you apply for reunification with close family members?

Usually a third-country national can apply for the permit for their family members at the first renewal of their permit in Slovenia. They need to have had the first permit issued for at least one year. Their extension also has to be for at least another year. A foreigner can submit documents for the renewal and for their family at the same time. This saves the applicant some time, even though the main applicant’s documents will be reviewed first.

When can EU Blue Card holders apply for their family members?

EU Blue Card holders can apply for permit for their close family members as soon as they obtain the EU Blue Card. The same applies to workers in the field of research and higher education. It also applies for the transferred workers from a third country to Slovenia and for long-term transferred workers from another EU country to Slovenia.

Where do you apply?

The main applicant can apply for their family members at the Administrative Unit in Slovenia. It is in the city where they live. You can also submit it at the Slovenian embassy abroad. It depends on the country of origin of the foreigner or the close family members. The family has to visit the embassy as well. They have to submit their fingerprints there.

Can a family member also be employed in Slovenia?

The close family member can also be employed in Slovenia. They only have to apply for a work permit before the employment.

At DATA, we will be happy to help you and your close family members. Even in the pandemic, we are working even harder to get our clients the permits fast. We also monitor all changes related to immigration to Slovenia.

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