Setting up a LTD company in Slovenia

Setting up a LTD company in Slovenia, Europe

LTD company is a private company limited by shares. In Slovenian it is called d.o.o. (»družba z omejeno odgovornostjo«). This is a company type, which can be established by any natural or legal person, regardless of nationality. In this article we will explain the process of setting up a LTD company.

Setting up a LTD company in Slovenia – tax number in Slovenia

If you are planning setting up a LTD company in Slovenia, you first need to decide who will be shareholder and who will be representative of the company. A shareholder is an owner of the company, his involvement is represented by the percentage of founding capital he deposits when establishing a company. There has to be minimally 1 shareholder and maximumly 50 shareholders in one LTD company. The representative is a natural person, who will have the authority to oversee the company’s business conduct after company establishment.

All shareholder and representatives need a Slovenian tax number. You can obtain it yourself by personally visiting the Slovenian tax office (FURS). There you would fill out an application (DR-02 form) and submit a copy of your passport. They issue the tax number immediately. You could also authorize another natural person to obtain the tax number based on power-of attorney.

If the shareholder will be a legal entity, it would also have to obtain a Slovenian tax number. The representative of the company can obtain it by going to the Slovenian tax office (FURS) personally. He need an extract from the business registry for the company, which is not older than 3 months. It has to be dully certified by the issuing authority and translated to Slovene language by a courtly certified translator. In addition, he has to fill out the appropriate form (DR-04) and submit it at the tax office. Afterwards, they issue the tax number immediately. Also, it is possible to obtain the tax number for the parent company via power-of-attorney.

Setting up a LTD company in Slovenia – business address in Slovenia

When setting up a LTD company in Slovenia, your company would also need a business address in Slovenia. On the day of the registration, you would need to provide a notarized statement of the owner of the business address. This document shows that the person, who is at least 25% owner of the premises, allows you to register the company there and conduct its business there. This is a special form that the owner of the premises needs to fill out and notarize either at the notary or at the administrative unit. There is also the possibility that he comes with you to the company registration at our VEM/SPOT point and in that case,  we can notarize this statement here.

Setting up a LTD company in Slovenia – company registration

On the day of setting up a LTD company, all shareholder and all representatives need to be physically present in Slovenia. They can register the company at our VEM/SPOT point or any other similar One-Stop Shop. Here you would receive the act of establishment. They would need to bring with them valid passports, Slovenian tax numbers and the statement about the business address.

With the act of establishment, they would have to go to a chosen bank in Slovenia and open a temporary bank account. On this bank account, each of the shareholders deposits the required percentage of the founding capital, which has to add up to at least 7.500€. After depositing, it takes the court 3-5 business days to issue the decree of registration. After receiving this decree, the representative would have to go back to the bank and change the bank account from temporary to permanent. With this, setting up a LTD company in Slovenia is complete.

Setting up a LTD company with assistance of Data!

We are offering assistance with setting up a LTD company in Slovenia.  Data can also help you to obtain the necessary documents for company establishment. We can also offer accountancy services with the possibility to receive legal support as well.

If you do not have a business address, where you would register the company, we would be happy to offer the services of virtual office.

For more information about setting up a LTD company in Slovenia, you can write to our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp).  You can also follow us on Facebook.

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