Shareholder of a company in Slovenia – 5 important points

Shareholder of a company in Slovenia – 5 important point

Shareholder of a company in Slovenia is the person who owns the company. They can own parts of the company or the entire company and be 100% shareholder. We will be explaining the 5 important points you have to consider before becoming a shareholder in a company in Slovenia.

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1st point: In which company can you become a shareholder?

When doing business in Slovenia, you have to open a company first. Non-EU citizens can open LTD companies with 7.500€ founding capital.

LTD companies require having at least one shareholder within the company. It is the person who provides the founding capital. You can become a shareholder of a company by opening a new company or buying a share in an already existing company. We do not recommend buying existing companies as you cannot check the company’s debt or restrictions before the purchase. It is better to open an entirely new company in Slovenia and proceed to do your business in Europe.

2nd point: Who can become a shareholder of a company?

There are no restrictions when it comes to the nationality of a shareholder of the company in Slovenia. Even non-EU citizens without prior residence in Slovenia can become shareholders. The person has to be over 18 years of age and have no criminal record in Slovenia. When registering the company, they would have to come to Slovenia and also obtain a Slovenian tax number.

3rd point: How many shareholders can there be in a company and what percentage of the capital do they have to provide?

In an LTD company, there can be up to 50 shareholders. The minimal number of shareholders is one, who in this case owns 100% of the company. If there is more than one shareholder in a company, they have to agree what kind of percentage of ownership each would provide. You can decide on owning equal parts of the company or one can be majority owner – the decision is up to you. The minimal founding capital is 7.500€ and if you decide on this amount, each of the shareholder has to present his percentage of that sum when registering a company.

4th point: Can I register the company at a VEM point or do I have to register it at the notary?

VEM point is a special governmentally licensed office that is allowed to carry out LTD registrations. These offices are spread throughout Slovenia and one can register the LTD company there free of charge. Even non-EU citizens can register their LTD companies there. The only exceptions are LTD registrations, where the shareholders of the company are husband and wife and registering branch offices. Only a notary can register those companies.

5th point: Is the shareholder of the company personally liable for business conduct?

An LTD company is a private company limited by shares. Here, the shareholders of the company are not personally liable with their possessions for the company’s business conduct. They are only liable with the percentage of the founding capital they provided.

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