Obtaining Slovenian tax number for foreign citizens

Obtaining Slovenian tax number for foreign citizens

The Slovenian tax number is one of the key documents you will have to present in various operations on the territory of Slovenia. You will need it to register your company, to open a bank account and to calculate salary. Obtaining it can be done through various ways.

Obtaining a Slovenian tax number personally in Slovenia

When doing business in Slovenia, the first document you need to register your company in the first place, is a Slovenian tax number. It is a document that the Slovenian tax office issues. All foreign citizens can obtain it free of charge if they visit the Slovenian tax office in Slovenia.

You can fill out a special form DR-02 as an application at the tax office. You will also have to submit a scan of your valid passport and confirmation of your tax number from abroad. Within 8 days you will receive the number to the address you listed and you can proceed to company registration which will enable you to do business in Europe.

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Obtaining a Slovenian tax number based on authorization

If you are not able to come to Slovenia just to apply for the tax number, you can also authorize another person to apply on your behalf. That person has to bring with him a power of attorney that you signed authorizing him to apply for the tax number for you. He/she will also have to submit the filled-out application, a scan of your passport and your tax number from abroad. Once they submitted the application, the tax office will send the tax number to the listed address. You can also apply by submitting your application through regular post.

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Data will be happy to help you in the start of your business. We can obtain the Slovenian tax number on your behalf. You can also perform company registration at our licensed VEM point.

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If you require a business address in Slovenia, we can provide services of virtual office.

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