Jewelry shop in Slovenia – business idea for entrepreneurs

Jewelry shop in Slovenia - business idea for entrepreneurs

Do you have an existing jewelry shop abroad and would like to expand your business to EU? Or you are a business novice but would like to start a business selling jewelry in Slovenia? In both cases, we would be happy to explain how to register a jewelry shop in Slovenia.

Selling jewelry, gold and gold products is an innovative business idea, which is very popular around the world due to the high demand for purchasing and selling golden products. Jewelry is also considered as an investment and not only as a decorative feature, which is why the client pool for selling such products is quite large.

If it is your wish to open a jewelry shop in Slovenia, the company Data would be happy to assist you with all the necessary procedures to conduct your business in Slovenia seamlessly.

Jewelry shop – conditions for business conduct

In order to open a jewelry shop, you would have to register a company first. If you are a non-EU citizen, you can register your jewelry shop as an LTD company. When making company registration, you would have to register the business activity under the SKD code 47.770 (“Retail in specialized stores selling clocks and jewelry”). Once the company is registered you would have to abide by the regulations for minimal technical standards to conduct the trade business activity, which are regulated by the Law on Trade.

If you would also be selling gold and golden products, you would also have to ensure the authentication of the scale you plan on using in the shop. The Bureau of Meteorology conducts the process of scale authentication but you can also do it at other authorized contractors.

Jewelry shop – company registration

A foreign entrepreneur can register a company at our One-Stop Shop, where the process is free of charge.

If you are a non-EU citizen, you can register an LTD company. The basics of company registration are as follows:

  • All shareholders and directors have to be present at the One-Stop Shop for company registration.
  • All shareholders and directors need a Slovenian tax number.
  • Company registration requires also registering a business address. You would need to bring with you a notarized statement from the owner of the business address.
  • All shareholders and directors need to bring with them their valid passport.
  • Choosing a company name. The name has to differ from others, which already exist in the business registry.

Our company Data can assist you with all the processes when opening a jewelry shop. We can obtain Slovenian tax numbers for you in advance based on the power of attorney. We also provide services of virtual office and business address, if you do not have an address which you would use as your business seat in Slovenia.

If you have any doubts as to which business activities for a jewelry shop you would need to register, our legal department can assist you to understand if the chosen activities would require fulfilling any special conditions.

Our business consultants can also check if the name you have chosen is still available and reserve it for you. To do it, they would only need the Slovenian tax number from one of the shareholders.

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