Business etiquette in Slovenia

Business etiquette in Slovenia

Business etiquette is a crucial element in building relationships with your future business partners. While speaking of etiquette, we have in mind different rules, regulations which make comfortable environment for making business.

Why is business etiquette important?

Business etiquette is important at the meetings and social media as well, since we live in the era where social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have a huge role  in making business. Business etiquette behavior is different from country to county, sometimes even regions have different business etiquette. Therefore it is always important to get known with one country business etiquette before starting a business in order to create an environment where you will feel comfortable and secure as a businessman.

Business meeting in Slovenia

For a business meeting in Slovenia you should dress appropriately, which means for men: dark business suit, bright shirt and suitable tie, while women should wear elegant, business suits and dignified dresses. At the first business meeting partners should exchange business cards, where your name and degree or honor is written – make sure it is in at least two languages and one of it is English.

Before meeting you future Slovenian business partner, it is good to know that meeting should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. At the same time it is also recommendable to confirm the meeting few days before. You should chose the most convenient way of communication, it can be e-mail, phone, fax or even letters – the important thing is that you are responsive. While communicating with partners use their formal titles and  full names as it will increase peoples goodwill and communication. Slovenian business partners will be responsive during the weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm as office hours in Slovenia are usually from 8 – 16 h. Take care of country and customary religious festivals, while offices are closed.

It is vital to be on time when meeting your business partner. In case something unexpected happens, let your partner know as soon as possible. Avoid canceling the meeting right before it should start, it will be bad for your future cooperation as your partner will remember how unreliable you are. At the beginning of the meeting there is a little bit of small talk, but things move to the main subject of the meeting very quickly. Prior to meeting you will be offered a drink (coffee, water, juice) which you should accept. Do not forget to exchange business cards and read them carefully, as you will need to address your partner correctly.

Process of business making in Slovenia is following the rule step by step – which means that decision is not to be expected to be brought already at the first meeting. Slovenian partners tend to take time and think about your proposal as they cautious. After the meeting do not forget to handshake your business partner as it is very impolite to leave with just saying »Goodbye«.

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