Fruit export to Europe – start a business in Slovenia!

Fruit export to Europe with business in Slovenia

European market offers great opportunities for fruit and vegetables exporters. If you are living an en area where fruit and vegetables is good enough, you can consider to start a business of fruit export to Europe.

In this article we will present a few important steps that you have to consider before starting a fruit export business!

1.) Prepare a business plan – fruit export

Firstly, if you want to start a fruit export business, you will have to make a market research. You have to make sure which products are already available on the European market and find the right market for your business idea. Make a plan about your focus product, market and startup budget. Calculate your costs in advance! It is always recommended to start a small business at first and then expand if you are successful.

It is important to prepare a business plan to avoid serious mistakes. You can also make sure that you and your partners share the same goal.

Our referents can help you to prepare a business plan and marketing for your company!

2.) Find out what are the conditions to register a business in Europe

Our company Data is located in the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. That is why we can help you to start your fruit export business in Slovenia.

Slovenia is a Middle European country and it offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their business here and then expand it to other european countries. It also offers a pleasant conditions to create a life here for you and your family. Find out more about how to obtain work and residence permit in Slovenia.

Firstly, you have to obtain certain documents in order to register your fruit export business in Slovenia. These documents are:

  • the certificate of non-criminal record from Slovenia.
  • Slovenian tax number for all the directors.

We can, based on the power of attorney, obtain these documents for you before your arrival to the registration procedure in Slovenia.

You can register your company at our offices! The procedure is free of charge. Our experts Will also help you to choose the right activities to start fruit export business. One of the main activities that you have to register in order to start fruit export is Wholesale of fruit and vegetables.

3.) Accounting services and business address

It is very important for the company to have an accountant, who Will help you with your finances. You also have to register a company address in Slovenia in order to receive post. Our company can offer you both services and help you with starting your fruit export business.

Contact us!

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We will be happy to answer your questions about starting fruit export business.

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