Obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia

Obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia

Are you asking yourself the question how to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia? Every year, the number of people wanting to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia is getting bigger because Slovenia is an amazing country with a highly favorable geographical and economic situation, loyal legislation, a pleasant climate, a high level of security.

There are several way to obtaining a residence permit, but we would like to draw attention to the most long-term and reliable option. This is obtaining a single residence permit for work and living in Slovenia due to a business immigration to Slovenia. This option offers you plenty of opportunities and provides a fallback in case of the development of your business.

How to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia based on opening (or expanding) business to Slovenia and the EU?

It is all very simple. The first step would be to register a company in Slovenia – there are many options such as LTD, subsidiary or a branch company. You have the right to register as a sole proprietor after one year of officially living in Slovenia.

The second step is fulfilling one of the terms of active business conduct:

  • The investment in fixes assets of the company in the amount of at least 50.000 EUR.
  • Employing an EU citizen or a citizen of another country, who already has an individual work permit in Slovenia, for at least 6 months.
  • The company’s monthly turnover of at least 10.000 EUR in the scope of 6 months.

In case you have higher education, another option is possible.

After fulfilling one of the terms, you have the opportunity to obtain a single residence permit for work and living in Slovenia.

If you would like to have the opportunity to conduct business in the EU and live in one of the most favorable countries of the EU, Slovenia, you can turn to the company Data! We can help you to register a company in Slovenia, offer support when conducting business and obtaining grants in Slovenia but can also help you to obtain the residence permit for you and your family.

Our specialist have years of experience and would gladly offer you consulting on accounting and legal services, business consulting and consulting on social adaptation in Slovenia.

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