Setting up a Business in EU/Slovenia? Here are the basics

Setting up a Business in EU

Setting up a Business in EU

Setting up a Business in EU can be simple. In this article you will find some basic information which will help you get the idea about what you need in order to set up a business in EU, Slovenia.

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Setting up Business in EU, Slovenia?

Slovenia is a small and economically developed EU and Schengen country. It has a good location at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe with beautiful Alps and the cost of Adriatic sea.  This international port is bordering Austria, Croatia and Hungary. The business immigration process is simple and English language is widespread.

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Types of Business you can register in Slovenia

If you find Slovenia an interesting choice for setting up a business in EU here are some additional information about types of company you can register. Limited Liability Company can be founded by natural or legal entity. For this type of company you need a share capital that amounts to 7.500,00 euro. You can use these means later on for covering business costs. Besides that, you need a Slovenian bussines address, Slovenian bank account and Slovenian tax number.

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If you want to start a company as a business entity, one of your options is a Branch office. But remember, Branch office is not an independent company. Your business in EU, Slovenia has to be the same as the one of the mother company. Having said that, it can be a good choice if you just want do promote your products or services. You do not need a bank account or share capital, but there are some notary expenses. You will also need documentation about the mother company.

And finally, in case you have the EU citizenship or you have been residing in Slovenia legally for a period of one year, you can become a sole trader.

Employing workers in your new company

So, you decided to set up your new business in EU? Then, you also need to get all permits to work and reside in Slovenia legally. As a founder or CEO of the company you can get working and residence permit. You also have to submit an application. The new founded company can employ EU citizens as well as foreigners who already have a single work and residence permit right away. In case these conditions are not setisfied, you have to get the single work and residence permits for your workers. For that purpose company has to prove it is operating actively. One of the best ways to do that and to start a business in EU, Slovenia and also arrange all you need regarding employment and residence, are investments.

You need workers with higher education? In that case one of the possibilities is also a EU Blue Card.

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