Foreigners in Slovenia – Hye Yeon Yoon, South Korea

Foreigners in Slovenia - Hye Yeon Yoon, South Korea

Foreigners in Slovenia – Hye Yeon Yoon is preparing to open a restaurant in Ljubljana called “The Shuim”

Foreigners in Slovenia tend to decide on opening a company in Slovenia due to the growing recognition of the country. Because of that, foreigners and foreign legal entities can open a company at the Data VEM/SPOT point fast and free of charge.

Hye Yeon Yoon (pictured in the middle) is also amongst the foreigners, who are thinking about becoming entrepreneurs. She is a citizen of South Korea and has years of experience with the catering business in Europe. “I was in charge of a restaurant in Germany for 5 years, while I lead a hostel in Croatia for 1 year,” explains the friendly South Korean. In addition to the restaurant, she is also planning to open a hostel in Ljubljana. “I want to introduce to people of different nations Korean food and culture,” she said when presenting her plans.

Foreigners in Slovenia – Why did Hye Yeon Yoon choose Slovenia?

“I have realized that in Slovenia, I can do several business activities,” she explains. Once she became to get acquainted with Slovenia, she was fascinated by the beautiful nature and fantastic views.

Foreigners, who decide to open a company in Slovenia, have different levels of experience with business. Our interviewee did not have any business experience in Slovenia prior to opening the company. She also said that when paving the way in business the biggest obstacle is not speaking Slovenian language. Which is why she leans on the support of our company, especially with the first steps. She recommends to all foreigners, who are thinking about starting a business in Slovenia, that they gather as many information as possible and rely on the advice of an experienced and professional consultancy company.

Foreigners in Slovenia – the support of Data was vital

“I found the company Data online. I am glad that I received so much professional support. In addition to company registration in Slovenia, I received a lot of useful advice. I am confident that you will also provide assistance to obtain the work and residence permit, should I need it. The best part of our cooperation is, how fast and friendly your responses are to all of my messages,” Hye Yeon Yoon stated.

She is relieved that she can entrust us with running her company’s accountancy as she knows that it entails a lot of precision work and handling bureaucracy. The South Korean is so satisfied with Data that she suggested to us that we should also engage in the real estate business. Namely, she has another big step ahead of her – renting or purchasing real estate. We have responded that we have not yet considered this business activity but we will try to be as supportive as we can on her business path.

Foreigners in Slovenia – establishing a company in Slovenia.

If Hye Yeon Yoon’s story has inspired you to become an entrepreneur in Slovenia, Data would be happy to offer you full support in the process. We can assist you to obtain the necessary documents for company established. Also, you can register your company at our VEM/SPOT point.

We also provide accountancy services and tax consultation. Should you need legal assistance with your business conduct, our legal department would be happy to offer you consultation.  Data Also provides services of virtual office if you would need a business address to register your company at. Our consultants also provide assistance to foreigners with business immigration and obtaining the work and residence permit through your company.

For more information about opening a company in Slovenia, you can write to our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp).  You can also follow us on Facebook.

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