Opening a company in Slovenia and the EU Blue Card

Opening a company in Slovenia and the EU Blue Card

Are you a highly educated individual? You have a business idea but you don’t know how to get a work and residence permit. The EU Blue Card is one of the ways you can achieve this. In this article, we will describe how with the help of Data d.o.o. register a company and obtain a blue card.  Dont wait. Call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 64 173 023 and you will receive complete support for opening a company. We also invite you to read the article for more information.

Opening a company in Slovenia – what is EU Blue Card?

The EU Blue Card and family reunification is good chance if you want to live and work in Slovenia.  It is the only residence and work permit based on highly qualified education. Based on the EU Blue Card, foreign individuals can be employed in highly professional jobs. They can also move to and work in the EU with their family members. It is issued for three months more than the valid employment contract. The maximum issue is for two years. It can be extended for a maximum of three additional years. Family reunification is also possible on the basis of the Blue Card. Obtaining an EU BLUE CARD is simplest based on the registration of a company in Slovenia.

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Advantage of EU blue card

With the opening a company in Slovenia, you can get a work and residence permit for yourself. You can get it also for foreign nationals who want to work in your company. In addition, you can reunite with family members. Individuals in Slovenia usually open an LLC, a limited liability company. On the other hand, legal entities open a daughter company or branch. With Slovenia’s entry into the EU, new chances can open up for businessmen.

A newly established company in Slovenia can also employ foreign citizens with higher education, university degree, master’s degree or PhD with an EU BLUE CARD. Furthermore, the EU Blue Card allows you to travel and work in the EU.

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Who issues EU blue card?

Administrative unit issues an EU blue card. The employment service of Slovenia confirm it.  You can get an EU Blue Card by submitting an application. Eligibility criteria also applies here. This form requires a proof of education. In this case, we can offer you full support in the process of receiving an EU Blue card. Our legal professionals will be happy to advise you. Also, to fill out the application in Slovenian language for you!

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Why is Data the right partner for you? First of all, we can provide you with the best support. Both with registration and with the Blue Card. It is wise to have good advisors in the beginning. Let us anwser your questions before and after you start your business. At Data, we understand business people. Our consultants will provide you with full support in the entire company registration process. Don’t wait! Call us. For all information, write to us at or call us at +VIber/WhatsApp +386 64 173 023. We advise you also to visit our Facebook  and Instagram. You can sign up for free webinars on business in Slovenia.




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