Company turnover – business immigration to Slovenia

Company turnover - business immigration to Slovenia

If you have been thinking about opening a company in Europe, consider Slovenia as a possible destination. Having a company in Slovenia also gives you possibility for business immigration based on monthly company turnover.

Company turnover as means of business immigration to Slovenia, EU – company registration in Slovenia

If you have decided to start your business in Slovenia, the first step would be to open a company in Slovenia.

Non-EU citizens can open an LTD company. It is a private company limited by shares and can have up to 50 shareholders. The minimal amount of founding capital is 7.500 €. The company is liable for business conduct with the amount of founding capital.

To register an LTD company, you need a Slovenian tax number and business address in Slovenia. Then you have to travel to Slovenia for around 2 weeks to finalize company registration procedures. In that time, you sign the company establishment act and open a temporary bank account. To that bank account you deposit the 7.500 € of founding capital.

In about 3-5 business days from depositing the founding capital, you receive the decree of company registration. Then the last thing to do is to activate the permanent bank account. Then you can proceed to doing business in Europe and start generating company turnover.

Company turnover as means of business immigration to Slovenia – conditions of business immigration

If you only open a company in Slovenia, you cannot immediately apply for work and residence permit. The company has to fulfill one of three conditions of active business conduct in order to be eligible to employ foreigners.

The three conditions are as follows:

  • Investing 50.000 € into fixed assets of the company
  • Employing an EU citizen for a period of 6 months on a full workday
  • Showing monthly company turnover 10.000 €/month for 6 consecutive months

You have to decide on fulfilling one of these conditions and when your company has fulfilled it, you can start your business immigration to Slovenia.

Company turnover as means of business immigration to Slovenia – what can be company turnover?

If you have decided to choose the last option, showing company turnover, there are specific incomes that are meant with this possibility.

Company turnover are not all the inflows to your corporate bank account. For example, loans are not included in company turnover when obtaining work and residence permit.

Company turnover has to come from funds paid by clients for providing your services or products. The minimal amount you need to receive each month is 10.000 €. It has to continue for 6 consecutive months as the institutions do not look on an average sum within those 6 months, but evaluate each month individually.

You have to make sure to issue invoices for your services in the amount no less than 10.000 €/month and receive payment from clients in the amount of at least 10.000 €/month. This has to continue for 6 consecutive months and afterwards you can apply for your work and residence permit.

Establish a company in Slovenia with the support of Data!

If you have decided to start your business in Europe by opening a company in Slovenia, Data will be happy to offer full support.

Our consultants can help you to obtain the Slovenian tax number on your behalf.

You can also sign the company registration act at our VEM/SPOT point free of charge.

At Data, we also provide accountancy services and tax consultation for our clients. The tax consultant can explain what can be considered for company turnover.

Our legal advisors can help you understand the conditions of business application and other Slovenian legislation related to business.

Should your company need a business address, we can provide services of virtual office.

For more information on company turnover as means of business immigration to Slovenia, EU, you can write to our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp).  You can also follow us on Facebook.

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