IT business in Slovenia/EU: good business option

IT business in Slovenia/EU: good business option

IT business in Slovenia is a very popular and cost-effective business choice!

IT business is an activity which does not have a lot of start-up costs. Basically, you would only need a computer to carry it out. This is why IT services are a popular choice for the main activity in Slovenia and abroad. If you are skilled in IT, opening an IT company would be a great way to develop your business in Slovenia. Learn what you need to do in this article!

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First step is to set up a company

To start an IT business you would need a company. If you are an EU citizen you can register as a sole trader. But non-EU citizens can also start their IT business. They can open a LTD company or a branch of their existing company. To open a LTD you would need to have 7500€ share capital. Also, your company would need an address. Before the setup, the owners and directors will have to get a Slovenian tax number.

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But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

What business activities do you need to register?

In each company, you need to decide on a main activity. Also, you can register other activities. In Slovenia, there are no limits as to how many activities one company has. For IT business you need to choose the ones that are suitable for your IT scope.

The Slovenian Standard Classification of Business Activities (SKD) includes the codes for all activities that you can pick in Slovenia. The basic activity you have to register when providing IT services is under the SKD code 62.0101 – computer programming. It will include all services related to writing, planning, updating and fixing computer programs.

We also suggest that you register the activity 62.020 – consulting on the computer devices and equipment. If your IT business will include managing computer devices and systems, you also need to choose the SKD code 62.030.

Processing data can be found under the SKD code 63.110.

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