Economic indicators for business in Slovenia and Europe

Economic indicators for business in Slovenia and Europe

When doing business in Europe, the most decisive factor are always economic indicators and forecasts. In order to choose the most suitable country for your business, we are presenting the trends for Slovenia as well as addressing other countries in the EU.

Economic indicators for business in Slovenia

Within this article we will be presenting Slovenia in regards to economic trends and comparing them to the rest of Europe. The trends for Slovenia are positive and present a good starting point for export business. Economic indicators for Slovenia have shown a high level of growth, even though it is lower than in 2017. But the growth this time was broader and happened in many sectors at once. Also, the level of unemployment sunk to the lowest level since 2008. Hence, in 2019 and 2020 we can expect a high rate of consumerism, which is positive information for foreigners who want to start a business in Slovenia by opening a company here.

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Trust in the construction sector has also improved, which is a positive forecast for the future growth of gross domestic product (GDP). There have been several investments to promote tourism like building new hotels and improving infrastructure. Also, there have been many new houses and apartments in the process of construction which will promote purchasing real estate for the purpose of short-term or long-term rent.

What about Europe in general?

Europe as a whole has also experienced a yearly fall of unemployment. The countries that use EURO as a currency, have noted a growth of the GDP per inhabitant. Also, the potential of growth remains mostly for consumerism within the EU. Many countries have forecasted positive economic growth, even though they rely on happenings on other markets but each of them has noted a high level of domestic consumption. One of Slovenia’s neighboring countries, Croatia, forecasts a higher investment scope. Countries like Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia have also noted the rising of GDP and decreasing unemployment. It is mostly based on increase of domestic consumption and rise of salaries.

Countries like Ireland have noted a large increase in domestic consumption and decrease of inflation, even though they are neighboring United Kingdom which is in the process of exiting the EU. Romania has a high rate of GDP per inhabitant and a growing industrial production.

Because of all those positive economic indicators, starting or expanding your business to the European market is the optimal idea. You can establish your hub right here in Slovenia and enter the European market from this central European country.

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