Construction company in Slovenia – terms and conditions

Construction company in Slovenia - terms and conditions

Offering construction services in Slovenia is currently one of the most popular business activities. Construction contains a larger scope of services which you can offer and we will be explaining the conditions you have to fulfill when doing this business in Europe.

Opening a construction company in Slovenia

When starting your business in Slovenia, the process is the same regardless of the business activities you plan on registering – it starts with company registration. If you are a non-EU citizen, you will have to open an LTD company. You would need to provide minimal founding capital of 7.500€. You will also have to obtain the Slovenian tax number before company registration. Also, your company would require a business address already in the procedure of company registration.

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Conditions for offering construction services in Slovenia

Offering construction services in Slovenia would require you to abide by specific regulations. You would have to appoint a person to be project manager and construction manager. The exception fort his regulations is the construction sector of finishing. Your company would also have to have liability insurance for the business activity.

The construction company would have to have at least one person employed (for full-time or half-time) that fulfills the conditions to be project manager. Additionally, the construction company would have to have a construction manager present on each construction site. That person has to be employed in the company and fulfill the condition to be construction manager.

Terms of conducting the construction business activity in Slovenia

As we established in the previous paragraph, a construction company has to employ a project manager. This is a condition for a construction company that takes over building a complex object in full or at least in the majority part. The employee requires to have specific education, namely to be an authorized engineer by profession. The specifics of the requested education are set in the regulation that oversees the architecture and engineering business activity. Also, the employee has to be registered within the registry in the Engineering Chamber of Slovenia.

If the construction company is building a less complex object, you will have to have a project manager employed. For that person, it is sufficient that he has finished at least higher education from a technical field connected to construction. But that person also has to be registered in the registry of the Engineering Chamber of Slovenia.

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