The legal system in Slovenia – business migration

The legal system in Slovenia

The legal system in Slovenia is quite comprehensive in the field of business. Our legal experts have described what opportunities the legal system in Slovenia gives to foreigners if they decide to move to Slovenia and start a business.

The legal system in Slovenia allows to the foreign citizen to register a company in Slovenia. The company registration is possible even if a foreigner still does not have a status in Slovenia. In other words, if he or she does not have a residence or work permit in Slovenia.

In the procedure of registering a company, foreigner has to present various documents. He/she has to obtain the Slovenian tax number and the certificate of non-criminal record from the territory of Slovenia.

The legal system in Slovenia – the conditions to register a LTD

For the registration of the LTD, the founders must personally attend the registration procedure and provide the above mentioned documents. Afterwards, they have to open a business bank account in one of the banks in Slovenia. Finally, the founders must deposit the authorized capital to the company’s bank account – a minimum of 7,500 euros. The legal system in Slovenia does not allow the founder to use the capital for personal purposes. The authorized capital of the company can be used for the expenses of the company, which are related to the company’s activities.

The legal system in Slovenia – number of founders in one LTD

The legal system in Slovenia allows for an LTD to have up to 50 founders. The minimum amount of the capital is the same – 7,500 euros.

The legal system in Slovenia – who is eligible for a residence permit based on the LTD?

In spite of the fact, that in one LTD there can be up to 50 founders, only one director has the right to obtain the residence permit without the labor market control. This does not mean that other founders do not have the right to obtain a work and residence permit. It means that all the others can receive it through the labor market control.

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