Real estate purchase in Slovenia/EU: foreign citizens and companies

Real estate purchase in SloveniaEU foreign citizens and companies

Real estate purchase in Slovenia by a foreigner

The article 68 of the Constitution of Slovenia says that the foreign people may become owners of real estate. The real estate purchase in Slovenia and also the procedure itself depends on which group the foreigner belongs to. Do you know how you can buy real estate in Slovenia?

Pension in Slovenia/EU

The foreigners who do not need a decree of reciprocity for the real estate purchase

Who falls under this option? This group also includes citizens and legal entities of :

  • the EU Member States,
  • the OECD member countries,
  • EFTA States and
  • persons with the status of a Slovene without citizenship.
  • also the foreign legal heirs
  • the foreigners from the former republics of the SFRY who met all the conditions to register the property rights before 31 December of the year 1990 (but the entry was not realized or the procedure of entry in the land register was not started).

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Foreigners who need a positive decree of reciprocity in order for real estate purchase in Slovenia

This group includes the citizens and legal entities of EU candidate countries. Those are the Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania. They need to apply for the decree before they can start buying the real estate.

What does a foreign company have to provide?

A foreign legal entity that does not have a registered office has to apply for the entry in the tax register to the tax office before purchasing the real estate. At the same time, the director must register with the tax office. The property owner will also have to pay the property taxes. Our tax experts can help with a consult.

To register a property right in the Land Register, a foreign company also needs an ID number. Our legal experts are here to help every step of the way.

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What does a foreigner also have to do for the real estate purchase in Slovenia?

A natural person who does not have a residence in Slovenia, but is the owner of a taxable real estate, must apply for entry in the tax register. He or she must also submit a request for the issue of the EMŠO number, where he or she must state the reason for the request and attach the proof.

The purchase of the real estate and legal protection

How can you finish the purchase? By having a contract. The contract for the sale of real estate must has to be in writing. The greatest security for the purchase of the real estate is a contract in the form of a notarial deed. When the purchase of real estate is done, the notary also registers the new owner in the land register.

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Foreigners who cannot buy real estate

It is not possible to purchase real estate in Slovenia for citizens and legal entities from all other countries. This includes Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Russia, Ukraine. The citizens or companies from these states always have the option for the purchase of real estate in Slovenia by opening a company here. We post all updates also on our Facebook and Instagram.

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