Spa Center in Slovenia – business migration

Opening a Spa center business in Slovenia

The spa center in Slovenia can be a positive and profitable business venture. Nowdays people do not go to Spa center only over the weekend. More and more cities are opening spa centers and clients are visiting them on daily basis. Also more people go to a Spa center to rest and to have a break from everyday life and concern.

Which services will your spa center offer in Slovenia and what are the conditions?

What kind of Spa program you will offer to your clients depends exclusively on your choice. You can opt for traditional types of massage, but it is advisable to include some attractive massage techniques in your program. The Spa treatments include various massages, both facial and body, and various treatments, pilings, etc. Aromatherapy is also an integral part of the Spa offer. In addition to all this, Spa centers also offer a sauna, jacuzzi or steam bath. Spa centers also have a pool (smaller or larger) in which clients can relax. Some centers offer Spa manicures and pedicures, cosmetic and hairdresser services.

In accordance with the Slovenian Classification of Activities (SKD), we propose that you register the main activity of Body Care Services (96.040). There are no conditions for performing this activity. However, if your spa center in Slovenia plans to offer facial and body treatments, depilation and pedicure, you must obtain a permit from the Chamber of Crafts (Chamber of Craft and Small Businesses of the Republic of Slovenia). Special conditions apply to manicure and makeup services. If you are planning to deal with these services, you must register them in the Register of the Chamber of Crafts.

Spa center in Slovenia – what is your first step towards opening a company in Slovenia?

Citizens of non-EU countries who do not have at least 1 year of residence in Slovenia can open a Spa Center in Slovenia as a private limited company – LTD. To open LTD a minimum initial capital of EUR 7,500 is required, which you can use for business (costs, salaries, investments). Registration procedure lasts up to 7 days. You can open a company free of charge at our Data Point VEM. We can offer you business address and bookkeeping services for your Spa Center in Slovenia. Our legal advisers will advise you on the working and employment conditions in Slovenia.

If you would like to move to Slovenia and work here, we can also help you to obtain work and residence permit for you and your family!

If you want to open a Spa Center in Slovenia, send us a request by e-mail or call us on 00 386 1 6001 537 or Viber, WhatsApp: 00 386 40 530 718.

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