Types of business that you can register in Slovenia

Different types of business in Slovenia

Do you want to open a company in Slovenia? Or you are just interested in types of business in Slovenia? In this article, we will describe different types of business in Slovenia.

Which are the most common types of business in Slovenia?

The most common types of business in Slovenia are Private Entrepreneur and Private Limited Company. Other possible types of buisness are: Unlimited Liability Company, Public Limited Company, Limited Partnership and a Limited Partnership with Share Capital.

Natural persons most often operate as sole traders (s.p.) and legal entities, who normally establish different forms of businesses, such as limited liability company (d.o.o.) or public limited company (d.d.).

The characteristics of different types of business

Individual Private Entrepreneur – s.p.

  • Firstly, the company owner is a natural entity, that means he/she is a holder of rights and obligations, and he/she is liable for his/her obligations with all his/her personal property.
  • Secondly, it retains all profits except tax.
  • Individual Private Entrepreneur has limited powers and liabilities in carrying out commercial transactions.
  • No founding capital is required to begin operations.
  • Considered to be rather less credible form of the company, and has more difficulties to obtain credit from a bank.

Private Limited Company (LTD) – d.o.o.

  • Firstly,  this is a legal entity with one or multiple founders who are not liable for the obligations of their undertakings.
  • Secondly, the members are entitled to profits in proportion to their contributions (or contractually).
  • Share capital must be paid in; the minimum amount is EUR 7,500, which is also available for operations when the company starts to operate.
  • The decisions are taken by all members (in proportion to their contributions or contractually).
  • Has slightly higher credibility which makes it easier to obtain bank loans.

However, third country nationals can not immediately register any form of the presented types of business. Immediately you can register an LTD company.

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