Import and export company in Slovenia/EU

Import and export company in Slovenia EU

Import and export company in Slovenia/EU – what are the conditions for it?

Import and export company in Slovenia is a company type that people tend to open to offer their services and products in Slovenia and the EU. In this article we explain how to open an import and export company in Slovenia. We also explain how to get a VAT number for a company and do business with it in the EU. Your Slovenian company can send workers to work in the EU via A1 forms.

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Import and export company – the first step is business setup

For an import and export company you can open a LTD company. In the process, you have to deposit 7500€ share capital. You can use the capital to buy goods, pay salaries, also invest it and use it for other expenses. If you are a foreigner, you must obtain a Slovenian tax number before opening a company. You also need to know in advance where the company’s addresss will be. Experts at company DATA can offer virtual office services and also obtain the tax number in your name.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

VAT number for the company

Import and export company that wants to invoice companies in the EU must enter the VAT system. You need to know that you do not get a VAT number automatically when you open a company. If you want to enter the VAT system, you must prove to the Tax Office that you plan to do business on an active basis. You must provide them with written proof. This proof can be: contracts with clients from Slovenia and the EU, pre-contracts, business plans, letters of intent, lease contracts for business premises. It takes 30 days to obtain the VAT number from the day when the tax office receives all the documents.

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Employment in the company

An import and export company can employ EU citizens as soon as they open. To employ non-EU citizens, they must first obtain a residence and work permit. Applying for it is possible by fulfilling one of the conditions of active business:

  • investment in fixed assets of the company
  • employment of at least one EU person for 6 months or
  • showing the turnover in the amount of 10,000 EUR  every month for 6 months

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