Business opportunity – 5 reasons to start a business in Europe in 2018

Business opportunities in Europe

5 reasons to start a business in 2018

We have collected 5 good reasons to start a business in 2018! The current economic situation calls for an entrepreneurial initiative! Economic conditions have not been as favorable as they are now. Do not miss your business opportunity!

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Business opportunity in 2018

1. Positive forecasts of Slovenian UMAR

The autumn forecast of the Slovenian Macroeconomic Research and Development Institute (UMAR) predicted that this year’s gross domestic product will reach 4.4%. For next year it is expectes for the growth to be 3.9%. The export and goverment investment is increasing and the conditions on the labor market are very favorable.

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2. Even more positive forecasts by the EBRD

According to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), this year’s economic growth also surpassed the spring forecasts and reached 4% according to their statistics. This is 0.9% more than last year and 1.5% more than the original forecasts published in May last year.

They also find that growth is attributed to domestic demand driven by consumer optimism. At the same time, there is a strong increase in investments due to the new cycle of European investments.

If you have a business idea, it’s now time to think about how to put it into practice! Increased domestic demand and forecasts for the further growth are surely good news for micro and small entrepreneurs who decide to open the company in the New year!

If you are non-EU citizen, you can open an LTD in Slovenia. If you are an EU citizen or you have at least 1 year of residency in Slovenia, you can also become sole proprietor!

3. Open a company at the beginning of the New year – business opportunity

To start a business at the beginning of the New year is the easiest also from the point of view of accounting.

With final reports, especially with a final balance or a tax return, if you are keeping your books with normative costs, you will deal at the end of the year. You will only have the costs then. If you are reasonably expecting to make a profit with your business, it’s better to do business for several months in financial year, as your profit will be destributed. This will affect how much tax and contributions you will have to pay in the next financial year.

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4. More employees, more customers – business opportunity

An enormous number of micro and small entrepreneurs want to have end consumers. If you plan to open a restaurant, shop or online store, or maybe you are dealing with some other activity that primarily targets end customers, it’s good news for you that there are less unemployed people. Compared to last year, unemployment in Slovenia reduced by almost 15%, while the Employment Service of Slovenia predicts that unemployment will continue to decline. At the end of November, around 82 thousand unemployed were registered at the Employment service. However, the number of employees in the European Union has never been higher than now!

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5. Consumption of individuals will continue to grow with regard to wage growth!

According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, the average monthly salary for October 2017 was 1.1% higher than in September 2017 and 3.4% higher than the salary for October 2016. Thus, in October 2017 the average salary was 1,621.46 eur gross (1,056.47 eur net). The average was higher in the private sector, while in the public sector it was about the same as in the previous month.

Higher average monthly wages may also mean higher disposable income for households. This is another good news for micro and small entrepreneurs who focus primarily on the local market and decide to open the company in the New year.

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