What do you need to move to Slovenia – business migration

Move to Slovenia, Europe based on your business

Move to Slovenia based on your business

To move to Slovenia, a foreigner, the company director, will need to obtain a single work and residence permit for foreign directors/representatives. To obtain it and move to Slovenia, your company must prove that it is operating actively:

  • the company has one person employed in a period of six months
  • for the last six months the company has 10,000 euros of monthly turnover
  • if the company is under six months old, you can prove the active management with the investment of 50,000 euros in the fixed assets

At the company DATA we can help you with the registration of the company in our “One-Stop Shop” (VEM točka), we can provide financial and tax consultation, prepare all the necessary documents to move to Slovenia, offer legal advice and marketing services, provide the virtual office for your company, create a website, etc. All this in one place.

What do you need to move to Slovenia – family members?

Close family members of entrepreneurs and employed foreigners can easily apply for a residence permit in Slovenia on the basis of family reunification and move to Slovenia as well. A foreign citizen, who already has a single work and residence permit in Slovenia can apply for family reunification after the first extension of his permit. That means that family reunification is possible after one year. If he wants to reunite with family members, the new permit must be valid for a period of at least 1 year.

How can you reunite you family in Slovenia before the time limit?

In some cases, to move to Slovenia, it is possible to make an exception and reunite your family earlier. One of the most important conditions that a foreign citizen must fulfill is a proof of financial resources to provide for each member of the family. To meet these requirements, you have to have a certain amount of your monthly income. Our financial specialist can advice you on that matter.

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We offer full business support to foreign citizens! It is especially relevant for entrepreneurs to get all the services in one place. We also have accountants, tax and legal advisors in our building!

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