Borders of Slovenia open for entrepreneurs from South Africa and Egypt!

Borders of Slovenia open for entrepreneurs from South Africa and Egypt!

During the time of coronavirus, many countries closed their borders or limited access with prescribed quarantine. In Slovenia, the government decided to prepare three separate lists dividing country on a red, orange or green list. Each of these lists enables crossing borders of Slovenia on different conditions. Since 28th September 2020, entrepreneurs from South Africa and Egypt can visit Slovenia and set up a business without quarantine. Find out, under which conditions this is possible!

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Crossing borders of Slovenia – entrepreneurs travelling from South Africa and Egypt

Both South Africa and Egypt are on the red list when it comes to crossing borders of Slovenia. A red list includes the countries where the epidemiological picture regarding coronavirus infection has deteriorated. Usually, entrepreneurs, regardless of citizenship, travelling from those countries would have to enter a 10-day quarantine upon arrival to Slovenia.

Since 28th September 2020, Slovenia has issued the exception that entrepreneurs travelling from those countries do not have to enter quarantine if they can provide a negative test for COVID-19. The test cannot be older than 48 hours. You can pass it in the EU or in a non-EU country, as long as the facility is included in the Slovenian list of approved medical facilities.

This is a novelty which makes the travel and crossing borders to Slovenia much easier as no quarantine is prescribed.

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Company registration in Slovenia – options during the pandemic

Even though borders of Slovenia are now open and entrepreneurs can travel to Slovenia, at company DATA we can offer our support in the company registration procedures even before your arrival. You can authorize our legal advisors to prepare the documentation for your company registration through power-of-attorney. This way you can save time and focus on developing business idea, while we take care of the rest.

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