Step by step guide to company registration in Slovenia

Step by step guide to company registration in Slovenia

While the process of company registration in Slovenia is very straight-forward, you still need to know in which order you have to proceed in order to be able to do your business in Slovenia. Certain steps require that you already have specific documents in your possession, otherwise you could not proceed to the next step.

1st step – obtaining the Slovenian tax number

The core documents in company registration in Slovenia is the Slovenian tax number for all shareholders and representatives. Without it you cannot register your LTD company so this would be the first step when starting your business in Europe.

You can apply for it at the Slovenian tax office and it takes 8 days to obtain. Also, someone else can apply for it on your behalf.

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2nd step – choosing company name

When you have the Slovenian tax number, you can proceed to reserving the chosen company name. It cannot be a name that is already registered in the Slovenian business registry or is a registered trade mark. It should be connected to the business activity you plan on doing.

3rd step – choosing a business address in Slovenia

A very important step is also that you choose where your company will have its business address. It can be a residential or commercial building. But you would need to obtain consent of the owner of the business address. You can also take advantage of virtual office providers.

Finally – company registration

When you have settled all the above-mentioned formalities, you can proceed to registering your company in Slovenia. This step requires you to come to Slovenia and bring all the documents with you, along with 7.500€ founding capital. At any VEM point in Slovenia you can prepare the act of establishment of the company. That will include your company name, business address, shareholders and representatives, amount of founding capital and the business activities you plan on doing with your company. After signing it, you can proceed to visiting a bank in Slovenia in order to open the bank account to deposit the founding capital. The whole process the first step to the last step takes about 1 month to complete.

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