Open a company in EU – Why not Slovenia?

Open a company in EU - Why not Slovenia?

Open a company in EU – Slovenia

Open a company in EU, Slovenia and expand your business to European market. Slovenia is well organized, nice country with a good standard of living. It has a great location bordering Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and, on the southwest, the Adriatic sea. Its main coastal town Koper is also an international port. Most residents speak good English. People are kind and open to other cultures. Besides that, business immigration procedures are not nearly as complicated as in some other EU countries.

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Open a company in EU – LTD, Branch office or a Sole Trader?

Everyone with a passport can open a company in Slovenia. Any foreign company can register a Branch office or Ltd company in Slovenia as well. So, in case you already own a company and you plan to do the same type of business in Slovenia you can open a Branch officeYou don’t need a founding capital or a bank account. However, Branch office is not an independent company. It is completely dependent on the mother company.  Because of that, it has to do the same kind of business as the mother company.


Ltd company is you other choice. Ltd company is always an independent company. You can find it as a physical or a business entity. For Ltd company you need a founding capital of 7.500 euro. Besides that, you also need a Slovenian bank account.


Sole trader/proprietor couled be one of your options but only if you are a citizen of the EU or have been residing legally in Slovenia for at least one year.


Work and residence permit

Once you open a company in EU, Slovenia you can get a Single work and residence permit. For you to be able to do that, your company has to prove active business conduct. You can do that in three ways:

  • make an investment of at least 50,000,00 euro in companies fixed assets; or
  • employ EU citizen at least 6 months (full time); or
  • show transactions on your corporate bank account, which amount to at least 10.000,00 euro per month for 6 consecutive months.

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The legal deadline for decision regarding Single work and residence permit application is 2 months. Your company can employ EU citizens right away. It can also employ foreigners who already have Single work and residence permit in Slovenia. However, for everyone else, you have to apply for Single work and residence permit. This also applies to companies CEO and owners.

In case you want to employ workers with higher education you can apply for a EU blue card. Bear in mind that for this option company’s representative has to be EU citizen or a person who has a permanent residence in Slovenia. In addition, holder of a EU blue card cannot be the CEO of the company. Education recognition procedure is obligatory. As far as timeline goes, expect it will take a few months to get everything done. However, the family reunification process is relatively quick. So, it that is important for you, this option is worth considering.  


Why Data?

If you want to open a company in the EUSlovenia, Data d.o.ois a right partner to lead you through the process. We have a 30 years experience in the accounting, business and legal counseling. Data is authorised by the government to register companies. In addition, our consultants can offer full support in the process of employing foreigners. Datas legal experts will also lead you through a family reunification process. And once we open a company in the EU, Slovenia for you and you are set to go, our advisers will be at your disposal for accounting, financial, tax and legal counseling in accordance with Slovenian laws and regulations. You can also have a business address on our premises and share our secretary.

So, you want to open a company in EU, Slovenia? Call us on WhatsApp/ Viber +386 64 173 023. We publish many usefull information on our Facebook and Linkedin pages, so be sure to follow us.

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