Sole trader in Slovenia – what about the liability?

Sole trader in Slovenia

Sole trader in Slovenia

Sole trader in Slovenia is a natural person who independently conducts business on the market with the intention of making a profit. What this means is, that the person is a natural as well as a legal entity. In the economic legislation of Slovenia, an independent entrepreneur can be found in the “Companies Act ZGD-1” where it is listed under Articles 71 to 75.

Sole trader is obliged to keep accounts, pay taxes, submit final accounts, pay social security contributions, etc. On the other hand, the law clearly states that the sole trader in Slovenia is responsible for his obligations with his own property and NOT only with property created with his business. That is why sole proprietors must be especially careful not to create losses or debts.

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Company registration in Slovenia

How to become a sole trader?

The first thing is, you have to be physically present in the country. It is not possible to do it remotely. You can register your business on DATA point. But don’t worry, we will guide you through it!

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To register as a sole trader in Slovenia you will need:

  • Slovenian tax number
  • Slovenian national identification nr.
  • a written statement from the owner of the premises where you will have your business address.

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Also, some documentation is required. For more information you can talk to our legal advisers. Besides that, if you don’t know where to get a business address in Slovenia, you can have it with us! Not just an address, but a secretary too. For more information click here!

But not everyone can open a sole trader business, though. You have to have the EU passport or uninterrupted one year residence in Slovenia.


You don’t satisfy satesfy the conditions for becoming a sole trader in Slovenia? You have other options! Keep on reading! By the way, you can follow us on Linkedin and Facebook or attend one of our free webinars!

So, what are your other options?

In case you do not satisfy the conditions for opening a sole trader business, you can opt for a LTD company or a branch. In Slovenia, everyone can register a company no matter the citizenship they have. For LTD company you need a share capital of 7500 euros, but your company will be completely independent. Also, you will need a bank account. On the other hand, if you register a branch you must already have a mother company somewhere else. In addition, your branch has to do the same business as a mother company. Having said that, it has its advantages. You don’t need any share capital nor do you need a bank account.

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