Slovenian tax number – can you get it as a foreigner?

Slovenian tax number - can you get it as a foreigner?

Slovenian tax number – when do you need it?

Slovenian tax number is something you need in case you want to do anything in Slovenia that includes any kind of financial transactions. You will need it if you want to open a bank account, buy a property, register a Branch office or a LTD company, become a sole trader, work or get a Single work and residence permit, to name just a few.

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How to get a Slovenian tax number?

To get a Slovenian tax number you need to apply for entry into the tax register. Application can be submitted to any Financial office in Slovenia with the exception of General Financial Office and Special Financial Office. You can do it in person or send it by the post. Also, another person can submit it for you on the basis of your proxy. Just be sure the proxy is not older than 30 days.


Can a foreigner get a Slovenian tax number?

Of course. If you are a foreigner, you can apply for a Slovenian tax number. Actually, in many cases, you have to do it. For your application you need a DR-2 form, a copy of your passport and  a tax number assigned to you in your home country. Also, depending on your status, the Financial office will require some additional documents. Authorities will issue a tax number for you within 8 day of submiting the application.

You will receive the document by post on the address you provide.

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Tax residency in Slovenia

Not everyone who has a Slovenian tax number is also a tax resident. You need a local tax number for many things for which you do not need to be a resident. For example, to buy a real estate or open a business. You do have to spend at least t 183 calendar days per year in the country to get it, though. When you are actually living in the Slovenia, than you become a tax resident. In that case, make sure that you are erased from your home country tax register in order to avoid double taxation.

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