Branch office in EU – expand your business to the EU market

Branch office in EU - expand your business to Slovenia

Branch office in EU – expand your business to the EU market

Branch office in EU can be a great way to expand your existing business to the EU market. One of your options is to set up a business in Slovenia. Slovenia is a small but open and beautiful country. You can opt for one of three types of companies. Branch office is one of them. If that sounds interesting, keep reading and find out how to open a branch office in EU, Slovenia.

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Register a branch office in Slovenia

So, as said, there are three types of companies you can set up in Slovenia. You can open LTD company, a branch office or became a sole trader. LTD company is an independent company which has its advantages. Having said that, for LTD company you need a share capital that amounts to 7500,00 euro. Also, you must have a Slovenian bank account, which represents an additional cost to your business venture and can be somewhat complicated.


To become a sole trader you have to reside in Slovenia legally for at least one year. Read more about becoming a sole trader in Slovenia here.

If non of these option fits your business plans and possibilities, you can open a Branch office. To register a branch office in EU, Slovenia you don’t need any share capital. In addition, you don’t need a bank account, which makes things a lot more simple. However, bear in mind that a branch office is not an independent company. Your business activity in Slovenia has to be the same as the one of the mother company. You will have to provide some documentation about a founding company, therefore you will have expenses with translations and notary services. In addition, if your business is transport, a branch office is not one of your options. In that case you can opt for a daughter or independent LTD company.

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Single work and residence permit

Your branch office in EU can immediately employ EU citizens and foreigners with a valid Single work and residence permit. If you want to employ foreigners who have status different than that, you have to apply for Single work and residence permits. Your new company has to satisfy one of these conditions:

  • make an investment of minimum 50.000,00 euro in fixed assets of the company;
  • employ a citizen of the EU for full-time for a period of at least six months;
  • show transactions on Slovenian bank account which amount to at least 10.000,00 euro per month for six consecutive months;

After your company fulfils one of these conditions, you can apply for Single work and residence permits you need. The legal deadline for public office to make a decision regarding these kind of applications is two months. After that, your branch office in the EU will be fully operational.


You have additional questions? Our legal experts can help. With 30 years of experience in accounting and business counseling we can provide all the information and support you need. So, don’t hesitate.


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