Business trip in Slovenia/EU: how to fill in a travel order correctly?

Business trip in SloveniaEU how to fill in a travel order correctly

Are you or your employees in Slovenia planning a business trip? For every business trip you need to make a travel order. This way you can compensate the expenses for the business trip. You must complete the travel order correctly. If not, it may result in an additional tax payment, which affects both the company and the employee. Properly completed travel orders can mean less cost to your business. This is regardless if you set up a LTD company or register as a sole trader.

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When do you have to issue a travel order for a business trip and in what form?

The company must issue the travel orders to employees before each business trip. You can issue them both in written and electronic form.

The authorized person issues a travel order to the worker for each trip. However, if the nature of the work is such that the worker is on the road a lot, a monthly travel order may also be issued.

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How to fill our a travel order for a business trip?

The travel orders as well as the calculations of the travel expenses must be correctly completed. If they are filled out according to Articles 5 and 6 of the Decree on Tax Treatment of Reimbursements of Expenses and Other Employment Income, the refund of the travel expenses may be tax-free. The calculation requires also the proof and the invoices related to the business trip (transport, overnight stay). You can also prove it with other documents related to the travel. On this basis, the employee can receive the refund for the costs. It can be paid along with the salary or separately. But he has to receive it on his bank account. Our legal department can offer advice on the valid law for travel orders on business trips.

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Daily allowance and mileage

The daily allowance is the average cost an employee is expected to have with the meals on a business trip. When calculating the pay for business trips both in Slovenia and abroad, you can also deduct lunch and dinner. If the worker also has a meal guaranteed, you can reduce the amount. Our accounting experts can assist you in the calculation.

Incorrect travel order for a business trip and tax inspection

Inspections may result in a fine if:

  • you do not complete the travel order correctly,
  • you do not calculate the travel expenses correctly,
  • also, if you adjust the costs used for other payments on the basis of fictitious travel orders.

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The period of time for which you must save the travel order

The company must keep the travel orders for ten years, either in a physical or an electronic archive.

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