New construction in Slovenia/EU in the year 2020

New construction in SloveniaEU in the year 2020

What is happening with new construction in Slovenia, EU? In 2020, 6% fewer building permits were issued than in the previous year. What was 2020 like for new construction of houses and what for construction of apartments?

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Statistical information for new construction in Slovenia

In 2020, 5,792 building permits were issued. This represents a 6% decrease in the number of building permits issued for new constructions compared to 2019. Of these, they issued 4% fewer permits for new residential buildings and 7% less for non-residential buildings than in the previous year. The number of building permits issued for new constructions in 2019 was also 6% lower than in 2018. In 2017 and 2016, the decline was smaller, both times around 3%.

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New constructions will be either larger houses or smaller apartments

Of the 429 planned new construction in December, 62% of all of them were in single-dwelling buildings and 38% in multi-dwelling buildings. Planned apartments in single-dwelling buildings or houses, expect to measure an average of 165 m² in 2020, which is 5 m² more than in 2019. Dwellings in multi-apartment buildings will probably measure an average of 89 m². This is 12 m² less than in 2019.

The institutions issued more building permits for new constructions in 2020 than permits for the change of use. The latter was only 2%.

For 2021, an “almost zero-energy” standard has been announced for all buildings!

In 2019, the almost zero-energy standard in Slovenia became mandatory for all public buildings. In 2021, the government will most likely regulate and approve the legislation requiring such a standard for private new buildings.

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