Company types in Slovenia/EU: options for foreign entrepreneurs

Company types in SloveniaEU options for foreign entrepreneurs

Slovenia is a very popular country for foreigners to start a business in the EU. It is a country located in the European Union and also in the Schengen zone. Also, it has a very good location in central Europe, with an access to the international sea. In the last years, Slovenia is popular because it offers a wide array of choices when setting up a business. Do you know which company types you can register in Slovenia if you are a foreigner? What are the conditions?

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The most popular company type is a limited liability company – LTD

The easiest company type that you can register in Slovenia is a limited liability company. It can have more than one owner, who can be a natural person. It needs a 7500€ share capital deposit at the time of business setup. Some business activities also require a higher amount of initial capital, for example for getting transportation license.  Also, all the owners and the directors need a Slovenian tax number. The company would also need a business address in Slovenia.

In this company you can register many business activities. Popular choices are construction, IT services, renting and selling real estate. Within the LTD company you can apply for VAT number and do business in the entire EU. Also, you can start employing foreigners under certain conditions. The LTD can decide to calculate the income tax based on actual or normalized expenses.

Expand your business to Slovenia – branch office and subsidiary

If you already have an existing business abroad you also have options to expand your business to Slovenia. This is possible by opening one of the company types that are branch office or a subsidiary. A subsidiary is also a LTD company. Here, the owner is a foreign company. Otherwise, it has the same rights and obligations as an LTD that a natural person opened. It needs the 7500€ share capital. The money has to come from the parent company’s bank account. Also, it needs a company address in Slovenia.

It would be a separate business in Slovenia. It does not have to report to the parent company. You can choose another company name and appoint the directors.

A branch office in Slovenia

A branch office is the only company type that is not a separate legal entity. It is a part of the parent company on a new market. Usually branches are used for marketing purposes. Only a notary can set up a branch office. But someone else can do the setup with the notary on your behalf. This way, you do not have to come to Slovenia for the branch setup.

The branch office can only do the same commercial activity for which the parent company is registered. So, doing the business is less flexible. But it does not require any share capital for the setup. At the setup, you need to give the notary the documents from the parent company. These are: the act of establishment, the financial report for the previous year, the extract from the court registry and the address in Slovenia. The directors and the parent company also have to obtain the Slovenian tax numbers.

The name of the branch will be the same as the parent company’s name, with the addition of »branch in Slovenia«.

Company types in Slovenia – sole trader

There is one other company type that you can open in Slovenia. It is a sole trader. It means that you do business in Slovenia as an individual, under your personal name. Here, there cannot be more than one owner. To register as a sole trader, you need a Slovenian tax number and a personal identification number. Also, your business needs an address. With a sole trader company type, there is no share capital. This is because you are liable for your business with all your personal assets. With the sole trader, you are self-employed. It means that you do not get salary but you pay monthly social contributions.

But there are some limitations when registering as a sole trader (s.p.). You need to be an EU citizen to register it. If you are not an EU citizen, you need to live in Slovenia at least 1 year before you can register it. In the s.p., you can register any business activity. The name of the sole trader will be your personal name, the main activity and the abbreviation »s.p.«. Also, you can choose a fantasy name for the sole trader but only in addition to your personal name.

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