Motor vehicle tax in Slovenia – what is the new calculation?

Motor vehicle tax in Slovenia - what is the new calculation

Slovenia finally adopeted the motor vehicle tax. It came into force on January 1, 2021. There were talks about the new motor vehicle tax since the beginning of 2020. Adopting this tax should make the cars cheaper. Will it really make them cheaper and what is the new calculation?

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Motor vehicle tax in Slovenia: all the essential novelties for vehicle owners

Are you considering making an investment to your company’s fixed assets? January 2021 marks the year of cars, as the new Motor Vehicle Tax Act came into force. This finally abolishes the luxury tax or the tax on the size of the engine, higher than 2,500 cc, which means that the new tax on motor vehicles brings on average a 65% lower burden. The new motor vehicle tax will therefore no longer be based on engine power, but will be affected by:

  • CO2 emissions (according to the WLTP measurement cycle),
  • the EURO engine standard,
  • age of the vehicle.

Which groups of vehicles will the motor vehicle tax affect?

Motor vehicle tax is levied only on vehicles registered in the Republic of Slovenia. You can register your vehicle as a natural person or through your company. To register a LTD company, you do not need specific education. Vehicles are classified into four groups according to the method of calculating motor vehicle tax:

  • motor vehicles of heading 8703,
  • motor vehicles, tricycles and quadricycles of heading 8703 and the motor vehicles of heading 8711,
  • vehicles of headings 8703 and 8711 with an engine power not exceeding 4 kW nor exceeding a maximum speed of 25 km / h,
  • exclusively electric motor vehicles (headings 8703 80 and 8711 60) and other motor vehicles of headings 8703 and 8711 without discharge.

What will be the average motor vehicle tax?

The average tax has so far been 460 EUR, and now it is 160 EUR.

With the abolition of the luxury tax, which was introduced by the government in 2012, many Slovenians have registered expensive cars abroad. With the old tax on motor vehicles, 45 million EUR flowed into the state treasury per year. According to the new one, only 16 million will flow in. It is anticipated that part of this will be replaced by a higher sales in the long run.

Who does not have to pay it?

The new motor vehicle tax sets out the examples of exemption from the said tax and the criteria for their enforcement.

They are the following:

  • They will not tax the electric vehicles,
  • Old-timers, race cars, intervention vehicles, vehicles for the disabled and vehicles for families with three or more children will also be exempt from the tax,
  • According to the new law, fire engines and vehicles for the purpose of civil protection of the Slovenia are also exempt from the tax.

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